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  • http://StephenFerreira Stephen Ferreira

    Ed, First, let me thank you for writing these very informative columns about the CE industry. I find them both entertaining and informative.
    Regarding the Podcast with Paul Padapeas, although I agree with some of his thoughts and concepts, I think there is one big missing piece to the puzzle. That happens to be the products. Todays target consumer really isn’t interested in sound and quality the way we were in past years. They are more interested in social web sites, texting, reading and sending emails, etc. As an industry, I felt that some time ago, we dropped the ball and missed this. Had we designed products early on, that could connect to the internet, convert text to speech, etc, we may have that passionate consumer. Can you imagine having your emails read to you by your car system, then reciting a response back, that gets converted back to text as a text message? Or how about being able to down load youtube videos etc.? There’s no question that if you want to talk about sound quality, this isn’t the way to capture this audience. After all, they all love their mp3 players, and think that sounds good. But they are passionate about their phones, their social websites, texting, and if as an industry, you want to light a fire, you need to manufacturer products , and shift your focus to what these consumers are in love with. That’s my 2 cents, thought I would pitch it in. Again, thanks for the columns, I find all thought provoking, and keeps me connected.