Brett Solomon

Brett Solomon
Where Have All the Installers Gone?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that installation technicians were going the way of the wind. This past year proved them wrong.

The Spring Events of 12 Volt

After a cold wintertime of hopefully selling remote start, springtime is a welcome time to refocus on training and custom installation. New to the 12-volt world are two trade shows that are designed to fire up retailers to wire up those cars. The first trade show is held in conjunction with world-famous Spring Break Nationals.…

2015 CES, and the Connectivity Path to Autonomous Cars

The vehicle is very important, because—unlike some other smaller autonomous concepts—it brings the notion of luxury to a transportation appliance. This, in turn, will create huge opportunities for aftermarket personalization.

Google, Apple and our Cars

Car companies want to keep (or really hog) their customers all to themselves.  Additionally, they want to monitor the dashboard experience, and have typically frowned upon aftermarket devices and aftermarket software jumping into the pool.  Although Audi was one of the first car companies to join the Open Automotive Alliance at last year’s CES, German car manufacturers and politicians seem to be concerned that large technology companies like Google pose a potential threat the German auto industry. 

Knowledgefest Report

Knowledgesfest will be changing names next year. As for this year, there was a change of venue across town to the Hilton Anatole vs. the Gaylord Texan. I guess the only astonishing thing to mention about that is the amount of hotels in Texas that can swallow a show the size of Knowledgefest—complete with demo vehicles and soundboards—and still take on other conventions within the same venue.

Killing It with Profits

SoundFX is in an interesting market when it comes to mobile electronics. On the coast of Delaware, its largest nearby city would be
Ocean City, Md. Surrounded by miles of beach coast, SoundFX’s business centers around