Dealerscope Staff

Dealerscope Staff
This reversible Micro USB cable is stupid awesome

I have never nerded out so hard over a USB cable the way I am over Winnergear's MicFlipreversible Micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable. Apple's Lightning and the new USB Type-C are both reversible, so plugging them in the wrong way is never an issue, but there are still tons and tons of devices out there with…

Acer Switch Alpha 12 review: Surface on a budget

At first glance, Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 looks very much like a Microsoft Surface clone running Windows 10, albeit with a slightly different kickstand and a clever way of cooling itself.

Apple has officially sold 1 billion iPhones

Apple recently sold its billionth iPhone, the company announced. During a meeting at Apple's HQ, CEO Tim Cook made an appearance celebrating the milestone.