Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick is an Editor for CT Lab at NAPCO Media.

DAS 2017 Consumer Electronics Dealer Show Continues to Impress

Hosted at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, DAS put on their annual Consumer Electronics Dealer Show giving the opportunity for vendors, manufacturers, and dealers to come together. Filled wall-to-wall with everything from CB radios to rearview cameras the event gives a chance not only for vendors and dealers to meet but it also empowers…

WIR: Is GameStop Poised for a Rebound?

GameStop released less than stellar numbers for their 2016 fiscal year our editors discuss if this is the beginning of the end or just stormy weather.

WIR: Apple's Red iPhone 7 Feels Misguided

After purchasing Triad speakers just two months ago, Control4 is ready to release their first line of products – a family of outdoor speakers and subwoofer. The weather-proof speakers are intended to hide among the landscape and are designed to look like the typical lighting setup, with an option to bury the subwoofer. “Traditional outdoor speakers […]

No, Comcast Didn't Forget About Their 4K/HDR Set-top

What otherwise feels like an eternity ago, Comcast introduced their plans to roll out a combination 4K/HDR capable set-top box at the end of 2015 for customers in 2016. And if you haven't noticed, it still isn't here. But fret not! Comcast has recently updated their situation and notes the "rapid evolution of both 4K/UltraHD…

GoPro (Again) Cuts Jobs Following First-Quarter Earnings

GoPro's pre-announced its first-quarter earnings and to sum it up, they are planning to cut 270 more jobs. If we are still keeping score, that adds up to 570 jobs, with 100 in January last year and another 200 in November. The steady hemorrhaging of positions can be blamed on a few different narratives. Many…

Sony's PlayStation VR Giving Hope to a Temperamental Market

Historically, the editors at Dealerscope have been kind of hard on VR. And truthfully, we've been burned by it. But we see the good as well, and we are staying optimistic. We have also followed the general narrative produced by consumers as well. When the 2012 Kickstarter kicked off the first announcement of the Oculus Rift, people…