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The Dealerscope Week in Review (5/4/15)

In the inaugural edition of Dealerscope Week in Review, Joe Paone discusses Ron Johnson's new Enjoy concept, Denon's new entry-level speaker, Sharp's new Roku TVs, the passing of Leigh Adams and the return of Brian Dunn

Apple Store Offers Launch Day In-Store Pickups For Apple Watch

In the past few days, Apple has released a lot of information about the Apple Watch launch. The company has announced it will begin accepting preorders for the wearable on April 10, and more recently it was revealed in-store pickups would be possible on April 24. If a customer has preordered their Apple Watch, they will be able to pick up the device in a retail location on the watch’s release day.

At 5, The iPad’s Chief Feature Is Its Lasting Elasticity

The iPad turned five on April 3, and while none could deny that the Apple tablet has been successful in the intervening half-decade, what's more interesting is trying to pin down the chief cause of its continued ability to impress users and find a place in their computing workflow.

Audio America Adds URC, Ubiquiti

Audio America announced the addition of two key vendors to its line kind. The distributor is now carrying products from Ubiquiti Networks and URC’s Total Control.

New Apple TV Reportedly Lacks 4K Capability

4K content has slowly but surely become more common, but Apple is not going to help the market along. BuzzFeed News is reporting that sources have revealed the forthcoming Apple TV update is not going to include support for the higher resolution content.

Amazon Stakes Claim to Smart-Appliance Consumables

Have you ever run out of coffee pods for your Keurig coffee machine? That's the dilemma of a woman in desperate need of a caffeine fix who is featured in a new video from Amazon, which suggests a solution: the Amazon Dash Button. But it's much more than that - the buttons are really a bridge to the emerging world of connected devices.

Apple's iPad turns 5: Where does it go from here?

The 3-year-old iPhone may have been a surefire hit at the time, but the iPad was a wild card. Analysts' predictions for first-year sales ranged wildly between 1.1 million and 7 million units, according to Asymco.

As it turns 40, Microsoft still has some surprises left

Having written about Microsoft, on and off, for close to 30 of those years, I keep thinking I've seen it all. But then something else happens that surprises me, and makes me realize we still haven't hit the limits as to how far the Softies might go to reinvent themselves.