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Ten Facebook Tips to Take it to the House


Small business guru Bruce Freeman recently shared ten Facebook principals for small businesses -- some nice tips -- and even nicer that they come from the book Green Reign Leadership by Gen One Ventures CEO and Dealerscope contributor, Peter Weedfald.

It's good advice and I wanted to share it with you here. In his response to the interview, Weedfald wrote about brand offense and asks "is Facebook a competitive weapon of choice?" To that I say absolutely, you should go on offense and Facebook is a great tool for attack.

I don't believe you can count on consumers checking in on your website each morning to see what's new. In the new social media environment of Facebook and Twitter, consumers expect your information to come to them in the never-ending barrage of news feed status updates. I think the big takeaway from these tips is to provide a consistent flow of engaging content and offers for your customers, and then take those directly to the house.

In his interview with Weedfald, Bruce Freeman said that the goal is to "attract, convert and retain." But remember, the "if you build it, they will come" defensive strategy probably isn't going to attract anymore. As you'll see, these ten Facebook tips focus on consistent quality content and direct interaction with customers. Go on offense, and you will reap the rewards.

Here are Weedfald's ten Facebook tips from Green Reign Leadership:

1. Your customer conversations need to be fresh, relevant and updated daily.
2. Focus heavily on customers "liking" your page to accept messaging, engagements and offers.
3. Deliver a clear mission statement that includes whom, where and what you offer and why it is better.
4. Project value. Provide relevant content, time sensitive coupons, contests, promotions and smart customer reward programs.
5. Build a publishing community of fans with discussion boards, surveys and reviews creating wider engagements.
6. Create a referral benefit program for fans who engage with your business.
7. Enlist RSS (really simple syndication) feeds from your blogs and Twitter account inserting content directly into your Facebook page.
8. Link your company's Facebook page on your company website and emails.
9. Make sure physical customers are introduced to your Facebook site.
10. Thank your customers by highlighting them and add photos that their friends and neighbors can see, can mutually enjoy and admire.

You can read Weedfald's full post here.

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