Have Fitbit and GoPro Peaked?

Two household names have seen their revenues decline and stock prices take major hits over the past year. What’s going on, and what’s t

Someone Posted Black Friday TV Prices for All Major Retailers and the Data is Fascinating

We found a spreadsheet with nearly all of the Black Friday TV deals out there, and analyzed some of the data trends. Bottom line: they’

This Awesome Meeting Tool is Something Everyone in Consumer Tech Can Benefit From

Kubi is a telepresence robot that lets the user make video calls via an iOS or Android app for an immersive videoconferencing experienc

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Two household names have seen their revenues decline and stock prices take major hits over the past year. What’s going on, and what’s t

In wearables entertainment, this is expected to be a breakout year for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) headsets – and a boon


We found a spreadsheet with nearly all of the Black Friday TV deals out there, and analyzed some of the data trends. Bottom line: they’

Although its popularity has never been greater, streaming digital media has been around for a quite a while and the momentum is reachin

Amazon recently announced the launch of Amazon Video Direct (AVD), which invites people and companies to share their videos with the Am


Kubi is a telepresence robot that lets the user make video calls via an iOS or Android app for an immersive videoconferencing experienc

Samsung will leverage “expertise in connected mobility, semiconductors, user experience, displays and global distribution channels” for

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the term “Millennial” during any given day, I’d be writing this article from my yacht docked off Positano! Millennials, those born roughly after 1980 and before 2000, dominate today’s workforce and will continue to for the foreseeable future. “Those crazy kids” are an interesting breed…


A Chinese state-run newspaper on Monday said President-elect Trump would be “a naïve fool” to launch an all out trade war against China

With more info coming out about the 2014 Yahoo! hacking scandal, Verizon may look to go back to square one and reopen the sale talks.

Emerging Tech

About three years ago, Google presented an ambitious idea for a modular cell phone. The concept enabled swappable Lego-like parts to add extra batteries, speakers, or a camera (among many other options) on the fly. Dubbed Project Ara, the $100 device was set to disrupt the idea that the only available cell phone options on…

The speed at which technology has advanced over the past few decades is simply incredible. In this, the 50th year of the Consumer Electronics Show, looking back on what technology was being released in 1967 compared to the tech toys that we’re seeing drop on a regular basis—folks from yesteryear would look at 2016 like…

Self-driving car shipments will go from just a few hundred thousand in 2020 to 24 million units by 2030, according to the Berg Insight


Establishing recognition for the powerful women in the Consumer Technology industry was one of the first items on our editorial to-do l

It used to be that someone passionate about investing time and money into musical playback was described as an audiophile.

Having a universally intuitive product has helped Fitbit become synonymous with tracking steps.


What should we really make of the VR industry as a whole, and how much can we really expect it to boom in the next few years?


Target’s Cartwheel app has already proven successful in engaging and influencing shoppers; more than 27 million people have downloaded


Don’t you just love it when Apple releases a new product. It brings out the haters. The iPhone 7 release last week was no exception.

For brands and retailers, there’s no better time to go after the next generation of consumers. Centennials, otherwise known as “Gen-Z,” are on track to make up 40 percent of the population by the year 2020, and they already spend more than $40 million annually. But to truly appeal to this generation of consumers, brands…

If retailers can identify how to market to the differences between the male and female brains, they will leave less money on the table.

Business Model

It’s been a rough year for retail. The department store model has derailed into irrelevance,…

With the rise of social media and online reviews, interactions between brands and customers have been forever transformed.

There will be no room or time for brand-bovarism in 2015. Savvy marketers in 2014 encountered colossal change to their marketing platforms and with it their brand investment bets. Brand-making, brand-shaping, brand-taking chores have changed and will continue to do so at hyper-speeds during the coming years.  


The importance of consumer technology is growing in the workplace and at home. And whether we’re purchasing tech products for our families or our careers, women are more tech-savvy than ever before. For these reasons, it’s important for retailers to remember that women purchase tech accessories not just for social reasons, but to help us…

The future of technology gets a lot of attention. But, as much as we use them, tech accessories tend to get left out of the discussion.

Household ownership of wireless audio, wearables and connected devices saw huge ownership gains, but what’s driving consumers?


Forbes recently estimated that women drive approximately 70 to 80 percent of all consumer purchasing. This estimate and other reports have led many experts to consider the female demographic the engine of today’s economy. Women are buying products for their professional lives and for the home and family, which means that behind most women lies…

Joe Cassity, the operations manager of Tunes-N-Tint, wanted to run an experiment this past Black Friday to correlate how advertising ma


The Bluetooth market, specifically the manufacturers filling retailers’ shelves, continue to innovate.

Not long ago, while binge-watching the recent season of Game of Thrones with my wife, Silvia, she turned to me and remarked on how much better the dragon scenes and overall sensory experience is when we’re streaming the show in our home theater. Not only was this validation and music to MY ears, but it…

Over a beer not too long ago, an old friend and I were comparing thoughts about the demise of so many leading retailers over the past few years.  Circuit City, Tweeter, 6th Avenue, Harvey Electronics, Ken Crane’s, my old company MyerEmco, so many others.  What happened?  What was the cause?  Was it the Great Recession?…


Chris Ely, senior manager of industry analysis at the Consumer Technology Association, shares his thoughts on potential areas of growth

Independent CE dealers have a lot to learn from Best Buy


CES has always had the distinction of showing some of the latest technologies being offered in vehicles. Over the past few years, that

The Venetian Towers at CES 2016 is the absolute best venue to provide a truly impactful and pulse-racing audio demo.

So you spent the last year building up a great social media following, and you took a week to go to CEDIA Expo. You're going to share everything you see and really deliver value to all those followers... but suddenly the show's over and you feel like you didn't share half of what you saw.

Connected Home

Household penetration of smart home devices is projected to reach 13 percent by the end of 2016. In my opinion, there’s still plenty of


Using data, the Consumer Technology Association tries to make some sense of post-purchase consumer behavior.

More than any other factor, the presence or absence of a free shipping offer can make or break a sale.

Social Media

No one has a perfect blueprint for social media marketing because every company has a different voice and the results happen live.

What are your thoughts on 4K? How are manufacturers and content creators handling the new technology? How are consumers recieving it?

Here's the Tweet of the Day:

What is your opinion?


CEOs most certainly recognize by now that for consumers it is futile to resist buying through a beautiful piece of connected glass! The real question is what are the digital tools, levers and language to ensure the utmost competitive market share advantage?

Fast Company recently sent a bunch of reporters and volunteers out to various Starbucks locations to try out the mobile payment app Square. The results were shared under the headline Starbucks's Shoddy Square Rollout Baffles Baristas, Confuses Customers. This is what I was talking about when I wrote how Best Buy's BlueShirts scattered in fear and confusion when I asked them about using the shopkick app.

Some people might bemoan the age of distraction that our smartphones and social media has ushered in, but I think instead of "replacing reality" we're "augmenting reality," and this is good.