Wearables Overview: Entertainment and Improved-Living Solutions

In wearables entertainment, this is expected to be a breakout year for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) headsets – and a boon

Much Ado About Millennials

What’s with all of these studies on millennials? Let’s ask a millennial.

Trends Report: Bluetooth is Booming

The Bluetooth market, specifically the manufacturers filling retailers’ shelves, continue to innovate.

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The Bluetooth market, specifically the manufacturers filling retailers’ shelves, continue to innovate.

It used to be that someone passionate about investing time and money into musical playback was described as an audiophile.

Not long ago, while binge-watching the recent season of Game of Thrones with my wife, Silvia, she turned to me and remarked on how much better the dragon scenes and overall sensory experience is when we’re streaming the show in our home theater. Not only was this validation and music to MY ears, but it…

Tablets & Smartphones

Chris Ely, senior manager of industry analysis at the Consumer Technology Association, shares his thoughts on potential areas of growth

CEOs most certainly recognize by now that for consumers it is futile to resist buying through a beautiful piece of connected glass! The real question is what are the digital tools, levers and language to ensure the utmost competitive market share advantage?

Fast Company recently sent a bunch of reporters and volunteers out to various Starbucks locations to try out the mobile payment app Square. The results were shared under the headline Starbucks's Shoddy Square Rollout Baffles Baristas, Confuses Customers. This is what I was talking about when I wrote how Best Buy's BlueShirts scattered in fear and confusion when I asked them about using the shopkick app.

Business Strategy

How brand ambassadors can change the game

Have you identified the top 10 worst retail sales habits? No? That’s fine, because we did for you. Here they are, along with a few idea

Isn’t this truly what all sales and marketing leaders desire, your attention? Isn’t this why billions of dollars are spent annually to gain consumer attention for “my brand, my products, my experiences?” Well actually, no. Creating, stimulating and achieving consumer attention is not a solitary art form. It is not in itself a lasting formula for fast market advantage.


CES has always had the distinction of showing some of the latest technologies being offered in vehicles. Over the past few years, that

The Venetian Towers at CES 2016 is the absolute best venue to provide a truly impactful and pulse-racing audio demo.


Joe Cassity, the operations manager of Tunes-N-Tint, wanted to run an experiment this past Black Friday to correlate how advertising ma

Using data, the Consumer Technology Association tries to make some sense of post-purchase consumer behavior.

More than any other factor, the presence or absence of a free shipping offer can make or break a sale.


Household penetration of smart home devices is projected to reach 13 percent by the end of 2016. In my opinion, there’s still plenty of


HDR, or High-Dynamic Range, was unquestionably the biggest buzz at the 2016 CES for anyone interested in things video.

Independent CE dealers have a lot to learn from Best Buy


Using event marketing to drive in-store traffic.

My name is Peter Weedfald and I am a salesman. I am proud and honored to declare it, to live it, to teach it, to appreciate it, to be personally energized and blessed by it.

Isn't your attention what all product marketers desire? Isn't this why billions of dollars are spent yearly to gain consumer attention for "my brand, my product, my experience?" Well actually, no! What marketers who report to the cold steel of the P&L really want is a consumer's "attention, interest, conviction, and desire and to gain a profitable close."


So you spent the last year building up a great social media following, and you took a week to go to CEDIA Expo. You're going to share everything you see and really deliver value to all those followers... but suddenly the show's over and you feel like you didn't share half of what you saw.