X-Doria Launches KidGPS Tracking Device
November 9, 2015 at 11:00 am

X-Doria said its new KidGPS tracking system is a palm-sized tracking device to help parents ensure they never lose track of their kids.

Alpine Redesigns Website
August 18, 2015 at 2:20 pm

Alpine Electronics has redesigned it's website to feature the Alpine Restyle dash systems and the aftermarket product line.

VOXX Electronics Unveils New ADAS Products
August 7, 2015 at 1:44 pm

VOXX Electronics announced the expansion of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) line with the introduction of a backup sensor camera and two replacement rearview mirrors.

CarLink Advanced Wireless Services Now Available
July 8, 2015 at 10:28 am

VOXX Electronics announced that the updated CarLink wireless service is available for purchase. The new services feature the latest vehicle safety standards alongside Remote Start and Savings services with the plug-and-play OBD II device.

Apple Seeking 'Advice' from TomTom on How to Fix its Point-of-Interest Woes with Maps
November 27, 2012

In a report today about Apple firing Maps manager Richard Williamson over the poor launch of its Maps app, it was also noted that it was looking for ways to improve its point-of-interest data. Specifically, it is looking to 'outside mapping experts' and mapping company TomTom NV to help it refine that data.

Apple's POI data in Maps is one of the major complaints that users have had with the service. The data was provided largely by Apple partner Yelp, and has displayed many inaccuracies that have led to improper directions being given

Nokia, Samsung, Sony Join Forces to Improve Indoor Navigation
August 23, 2012

Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Sony and Qualcomm have formed the In-Location Alliance, which will work to improve the accuracy of indoor positioning, the companies said on Thursday.

Indoor positioning is the next frontier of mobile services. Finding out where you are in a mall or a sports arena using a smartphone is difficult today because GPS coverage usually isn't available. Besides improving navigation accuracy in those kinds locations, the In-Location Alliance will also prioritize low power consumption and making the technology both easy to implement and use, according to a joint statement.

"Indoor GPS" May Soon be a Reality for Many Smartphone Owners
April 26, 2012

As more consumers around the world upgrade to smartphones, the adoption of indoor positioning systems will soon provide users granular navigation data more effectively than GPS.

As announced by Broadcom recently, the company has released a new chip designed for smartphones that may advance the adoption of indoor positioning technology more rapidly. The new chip can use data that's being recorded by a smartphone's accelerometer, gyroscope, compass or altimeter and incorporate that information into indoor positioning applications. Assuming the smartphone registers a starting point through GPS, the chip would be able to record

Phone Giants Battle Google Over Indoor Location Market
December 22, 2011

Indoor location positioning looks poised to be the next hot mobile service with its ability to enable smarter mobile offers and more accurate local searches. Google has an early lead but an analysis of patent filings points to a number of technology companies fighting for supremacy in this emerging space.

It has always been difficult to accurately track a person's location indoors. Since GPS is a satellite-based system, devices require a "line of sight" to satellites to operate. GPS generally does not function indoors and is particularly weak in large, enclosed spaces like malls,