Theo Kalomirakis Hosts A Celebration of the ‘Art and Soul of Home Theater’
July 18, 2014

Home theater designer Theo Kalomirakis not only talks the talk; he walks the walk.
The renowned custom integration expert is a movie buff who is owner of around 14,000 DVDs that are neatly arranged in a floor-to-ceiling series of shelves just outside the dedicated home theater he has had built in his Brooklyn, N.Y. apartment.

Sony’s 4K Ecosystem Approach Reaches CI Channel at CEDIA Expo
September 26, 2013

Sony Electronics announced new home theater front projectors to be available in late autumn for the custom install channel: the VPL-VW1100ES and VPL-VW600ES 4K front projectors – at CEDIA Expo, and will stress an ecosystem approach to their marketing, said executive vice president Mike Fasulo.

JVC CEDIA Projector Intros Include Native 4K Inputs
September 26, 2013

JVC’s eight newest projector models in both the Professional Products Div.’s Reference Series and the Consumer A/V Group’s Procision Series now include native 4K inputs, according to product engineering manager Gary Klasmeier, who unveiled the new models on Day One of CEDIA Expo.

JVC Debuts Projectors at CEDIA Expo
September 7, 2012

JVC at CEDIA Expo announced a new line of 3D-enabled home theater projectors, from both its Consumer AV Group and Professional Products Company.

Canon Ships LCD Projectors
June 10, 2012

Canon this week announced the arrival of four new LCD projector models. The line includes the LV-8227A high-contrast projector ($799) and the LV-7392A ($799), LV-7297M ($699), and LV-7292M ($599) multimedia projectors. 

Sony Debuts 4K Home Cinema Projector
June 1, 2012

Sony has announced the roll-out of its VPL-VW1000ES projector, which brings super-high definition to home theaters. The VPL-WV1000ES is the first 4K resolution projector designed for home theaters. The new projector displays not only the ultra-high definition 4K format, but also upscales SD and HD content to 4K resolution.

Sony's new projector projects a 4096x2160 resolution image. Sony says the projector allows viewers to sit close to the screen without any image degradation. Within the distance of three times the height of the picture, viewers will not experience any