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Gary Yacoubian

Rearranging the Deck Chairs on a Sinking Ship

When I started hearing talk in our industry a few years ago about renewed attention to better-than-CD-quality audio experiences, I was frankly thrilled and was certain that my colleagues at the many audio component, speaker, headphone, and pipeline companies would feel the same way.  In a world dominated by streaming of 128K compressed audio files, we all know the public needs to be shown that experiences better than that exist for them, or they will never aspire to own our products ... Read More >>


Dare To Lead

Peter Weedfald

Principles for Successful Brand Licensing in 2015

Peter Weedfald presents at a recent Forrester Research conference

In my meetings and exchanges with foreign factories outside of the USA, those with brave intentions to scout disciplined, profitable opportunities across our fruited plains, I am inevitably asked the question of brand importance towards garnering success. I am asked what is the “Doctrine of Necessity” to ensure success with consumers and retail merchants with respect to brand value, brand recognition, brand density and brand profitability? This level of intense brand scrutiny is ... Read More >>