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Dare To Lead

Peter Weedfald

Brand Xtreme for 2015

There will be no room or time for brand-bovarism in 2015. Savvy marketers in 2014 encountered colossal change to their marketing platforms and with it their brand investment bets. Brand-making, brand-shaping, brand-taking chores have changed and will continue to do so at hyper-speeds during the coming years.   Read More >>



Gary Yacoubian

Audio is Not a Luxury Offering

Gary Yacoubian

Years ago, when I first got into high-performance AV, the customer base was a mix of people from different income brackets and walks of life who were unified by an appreciation. and even enthusiasm. for really cool AV experiences. Some were wealthy people who just wanted the best performance possible, but just as often, I came across customers who saved for three months to get a subwoofer or TV they’d meticulously researched. Read More >>