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Jeff O’Heir, Editor in Chief of Dealerscope, has covered consumer electronics and information technology issues for more than 15 years. Prior to that, he wrote about crime, politics, boxing and the arts for daily newspapers.

This Retailer Actually Loves Showrooming!

Around this time of year, we find ourselves searching the industry for words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration, mainly as a way to learn from what transpired in the past and to establish new goals and better practices for the coming year.

A few of those nuggets came our way during a conversation with Alan Lavine, one of the regional CE dealers who participated in Dealerscope’s annual retailer roundtable  Read More >>

The Power of Partnerships

Hats off to LG for choosing Video & Audio Center in Lawndale, Calif., as the launch site for the vendor's 84-inch Ultra-High Definition 4K TV.  Read More >>

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Defender of the Independent Dealer

There are product launches and then there are the Joe Clayton product launches. For a number of reasons, we'll take the latter almost any time.  Read More >>

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The Value of Showrooming

Ever since “showrooming” entered the retail vernacular we’ve argued that smart retailers could take advantage of the practice as an easier way to identify obvious buyers, engage them and help them to buy exactly what they’re looking for...and more. We certainly realize how much showrooming has disrupted and hurt the brick-and-mortar retail business. But now that everyone’s familiar with the practice, we strongly believe the positives can outweigh the negatives.

Jay Vandenbree, LG’s... 

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The Omni-Channel: Not Just for the Big Boxes

One of the best presentations we've seen in a while came from David F. Cook, Best Buy's director of IT systems strategy, at Aberdeen's recent retail and consumer markets summit, Retail on Broadway, in New York.  Read More >>

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