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President of Gen One Ventures

Dare To Lead

By Peter Weedfald

About Peter

Peter Weedfald is President of Gen One Ventures, a sales, marketing and brand-product consulting company. He has served as SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Circuit City, SVP of Sales and Marketing in North America for Samsung, and SVP of global marketing and EEVP, GM & Chief Marketing Officer for ViewSonic.

Docent Your Sales Force As Digital Masters Before It’s Too Late

“Organize around chaos, disruption and risk, not against it: the very best opportunities lie in digital danger.”

Companies Mentioned:

What Is The Evolving Role Of The CMO?

“Brand currency is a hyper-fast profit mettle which needs to be shined, primped, pruned, measured and aggressively evolved, daily.”  Read More >>

The Best Opportunities Lie In Danger

Our digital cloud revolution grinds against entrenched old school business lessons. Today, scalability forecasts, combined with well-intended bulwark-risk-avoidance tactics, offer no hope or opportunity for sustainable growth without aggressive asset investments. Digitization has disrupted  slow footed, sluggish market contenders. There’s a new school in town,  teaching smart risk, not risk avoidance to make or take a market.  Read More >>

Profiteer Your Brand

Let’s talk about determined business change in the language of maximizing retail omni-channel assets. Let’s talk about retail assets that are charging opportunity-assets to perform more aggressively while simultaneously downsizing non-essential, discordant assets rapidly: replaced and enhanced by digital cloud based mechanics and triggers. 


All Of Life Is A Sale

The gravitas of our retail business, coldly defined, is a profitable sale of goods to the final, ultimate consumer. The retail experience can be better-defined through a simple spirit of giving called “customer generosity.”  Read More >>