President of Gen One Ventures

Dare To Lead

By Peter Weedfald

About Peter

Peter Weedfald is President of Gen One Ventures, a sales, marketing and brand-product consulting company. He has served as SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Circuit City, SVP of Sales and Marketing in North America for Samsung, and SVP of global marketing and EEVP, GM & Chief Marketing Officer for ViewSonic.

Sales Principles Designed To Fuel Market Advantage

In sales, if you want to be the leader and you desire personal and team greatness, then you must act and perform like a sales and marketing leader. It amazes me that some manufacturers and retailers with very good legacy-stewarded brands, in congress with market-equitable price points, are losing competitive ground, growth and opportunity-share across our highly fertile consumer electronics marketplace.

Don’t Save A Dollar, Save A Brand

I clearly and distinctly recall the year 2001. Our Samsung Electronics North America sales and marketing team were working long hard hours to build market opportunity. In this same year Vice Chairman Yun announced publicly that Samsung would break away from legacy competitors by ceasing the manufacturing of analog products to be replaced with leading edge digital products.  Read More >>

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Dump The Monologue, Pull The Dialogue

Consumers have forever flipped market opportunity upside down and inside out. CMOs, CEOs and their team members inside retail and manufacturer organizations have been aggressively e-tipped, e-shaken and socially stirred throughout America's business world. In our socially charged internet economy, traditional push advertising is expensive and mostly ineffective and for many consumers simply irrelevant. Pushed brands and products become an unintended, uninvited distraction to internet savvy...  Read More >>

The Killer App

The internet is the killer app. It’s killed off many businesses late to the e-party. It’s killed off the need for developing new software applications for old PC architectures. It's killed off legacy styles of selling and marketing, killed off old, tired and ineffective advertising push tactics. This tri-modal home, business and mobile internet maelstrom of global might is also killing off retail store locations in groves, in our local backyards, across the nation, in hyper-fast ...  Read More >>

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Ellen Earns The Oscar For Brand Creativity

Ellen DeGeneres is a glowing example of relevant, breakthrough brand creativity. She perfectly represents a confluence of creativity and relevancy through her core sellable assets: Comedy, variety, acting, impactful actions and reactions. During her second hosting stint at the Oscars on Sunday, Ellen creatively orchestrated and effectuated her ambient brand arsenal. She mesmerized the room, enchanted and energized a star-hungry and panting viewing planet.   Read More >>

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