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Jack Cotter, social media expert for Dealerscope and CustomRetailer, helps retailers and manufacturers find the answers to their social media problems.

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Tweet of the Day 4/29/13 - Curvacious OLED TVs

What would you do with a curved TV? Is this a good promotional gimmick, or just a gimmick?  Read More >>

Tweet of the Day 4/26/13 - 3D TV Lives!

Seriously, is 3D dead? What needs to happen to resuscitate it?  Read More >>

Tweet of the Day 4/25/13 - Smart Customers

What has the impact been of more informed customers in stores. How does your staff stay ahead of the curve?  Read More >>


Tweet of the Day 4/24/13 - Samsung Experience Shop

Do you think that Best Buy should offer more specialized experience zones? Or is Best Buy and Samsung's relationship too cozy?  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Tweet of the Day 4/23/13 - Trade Show Pro Tips

I've shared my tips for Tweeting from a trade show. What advice do you have for new trade show attendees? Share your pro tips  Read More >>