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B&W's T7
B&W Debuts T7 Bluetooth Speaker
October 22, 2014 From News
Bowers & Wilkins has announced the arrival of the T7, which it describes as its most wireless speaker yet, and its first foray into Bluetooth.  According...
2015 International CES
CES Adds Personal Privacy, Cyber Security Marketplaces
October 22, 2014 From News
The 2015 International CES, for the first time, will feature Personal Privacy and Cyber Security Marketplaces. 
Amazon's Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage Now Shipping
October 22, 2014 From News
The newest Amazon Kindle device, the Kindle Voyage, is now shipping, Amazon announced Tuesday. The device retails for $199. 
Gregg Richard
Gregg Richard, on P.C. Richard & Son’s 105 Years
October 22, 2014 From News

The company’s CEO and president looks back and ahead at retailing in the New York metropolitan area market

Dealerscope: P.C. Richard & Son’s 105th anniversary has just passed, and your family has continued to run the company for going on five generations now. Talk about the philosophy that has informed your way of doing business.

Bob Hana at the HTSA fall meeting in Chicago
HTSA Meeting Kicks Off in Chicago
October 22, 2014 From News
The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) kicked off its fall meeting in Chicago Tuesday night with opening remarks from managing director Bob Hana, some business talk from Chuck Zimmerman of Sandler Training, and a cocktail party and dinner down the street at local sports legend Mike Ditka's restaurant. 
Apple Pay
Apple Pay Rewards Program Seen This Year
October 22, 2014 From Appletell
A rewards and loyalty program may launch for Apple’s new payment system—Apple Pay—before the end of the year. Early reports from Apple Pay users say the system does work well, but there are still few incentives to use it when only a few companies support it. To fix this, Apple...
Staples logo
Staples Reports Security Breach
October 22, 2014 From Gadgetell
Staples has launched an investigation into a possible security breach that may have left customer credit cards vulnerable. The office supply retailer’s locations in the northeast may have been affected, according to reports. After it was found there was a trend of fraudulent credit transactions that could be tied back...
Intel's Brian Krzanich
Intel's Krzanich Returning to CES Keynote Stage
October 22, 2014 From News
CEA announced Wednesday that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will deliver a keynote address at 2015 International CES. Krzanich also spoke at the 2014 CES. 
Sonos Suing D&M Over Heos Line
October 22, 2014 From News
In the latest phase of the CE industry's seemingly endless series of patent disputes, Sonos is suing D&M Holdings, over the Denon Heos product line. 
Joseph T. Liotine of Whirlpool
Whirlpool Names Liotine President
October 22, 2014 From News

 Whirlpool announced Wednesday that  Joseph T. Liotine has been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President, Whirlpool Corporation, as well as President North America. He will report to Vice Chairman Marc Bitzer. 

Target Touts Free Shipping For Holidays
October 22, 2014 From News
Target announced Wednesday that it will offer free shipping on all items, consumer electronics included, for the holiday season.
The Little Guys' 21st Century Home Entertainment Event
The Little Guys to Host Post-HTSA Event
October 22, 2014 From News
Illinois integrator The Little Guys will keep the festivities going Thursday after the HTSA fall meeting in Chicago wraps up- they will host the 21st Century Home Entertainment Technology event on Thursday night. 
RadioShack Offers Price Matching, Free Shipping
October 22, 2014 From News
RadioShack has unveiled what it calls the "R Promise initiative," which combines both familiar and new options for the chain's customers. 
Microsoft's new logo
Microsoft Seen Readying Smartwatch
October 21, 2014 From Gadgetell
A new smartwatch could be on the way from Microsoft that will be cross-platform, according to statements from people close to the company. The cross-platform device would run an operating system from Microsoft, but it would have the ability to connect to devices running iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Reports...
Google Chromecast
Second-Generation Chromecast Appears on the Way from Google 
October 21, 2014 From Entertainmenttell
I suppose it would make sense for Google to bring out another version of the Chromecast. There’s only ever been one, it was introduced in the summer of 2013, and while it’s added numerous channels in the time since, there’s been no hardware upgrade at all....
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