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SVS Partners with Stereo Advantage
April 18, 2014 From News
SVS has announced its partnership with Stereo Advantage making it the latest high performance audio brand sold through both the online store and the brick and mortar location. Stereo Advantage will now sell SVS's award-winning subwoofers. 
LG Electronics Makes Connect SDK Available for Android and iOS
April 18, 2014 From News
LG Electronics has announced the availability of its open source software development kid for Google Android and iOS developers in an effort to extend their mobile experience to TV screens. 
iHome announces new Lightning and Bluetooth audio products
April 18, 2014 From Appletell
If you've got an iPhone or an iPad, you've got to charge it, right? A great way to do that each night is to dock it with a Lightning compatible clock radio, letting the device serve as both your alarm clock and charging station....
Breaking down the PS4 sales figures
April 18, 2014 From GamerTell
According to Sony, the PS4 sales figures, as of April 6th, say over 7 million consoles have been sold. That's a large number, by any standard, but it was issued without any real context. So, as a service to you, the gamer, we're restoring that context....
CE Week Launches Social Media Platforms
April 18, 2014 From News
CE Week, to be held June 23-27 in NYC, announced the launch of new social media platforms to reach the technology consumers and influencers. 
Onkyo Introduces Two New A/V Receivers
April 18, 2014 From HomeTechTell
It's always a good day for home audio when Onkyo announces a new AV receiver, let alone two. And that's exactly what's going down....
Meridian’s John Buchanan and Bob Stuart with Access Networks Hagai Feiner and the Meridian Special Edition Loudspeakers at the Access networks facility in Encino, CA.
The Meridian SE Roadshow hits Los Angeles
April 18, 2014 From News
Honoring the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the world’s first digital loudspeaker, 2014 has seen Meridian launch and now make available to order a new Special Edition series of DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers, featuring a beryllium domed tweeter, new electronics and driver clamp rings.
Best Buy
Shawn Score Departs Best Buy
April 17, 2014 From News
Best Buy's president of U.S. retail stores, Shawn Score, retired. He will be succeeded by Best Buy's chief human resources officer. 
Sam's Club and SquareTrade Announce New Service Program
April 17, 2014 From News
Sam's Club and SquareTrade have announced a new program to help reduce the cost of technology to the consumer. Sam's Club membership will no include warranty services that improve consumer purchasing, protection and upgrade experience.
Panasonic Announces Pricing and Availability of New Headphones
April 17, 2014 From News
Panasonic announced pricing and availability of new 2014 headphone models called the RP-HC800 Noise-Cancellign Headphones, RP-BTD10 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, RP-HS34 Sport Clip Headphones and the RP-BTGS10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones.
Denon introduces Envaya DSB200 Bluetooth speaker
April 17, 2014 From Gadgetell
There are dozens upon dozens of companies offering Bluetooth speakers these days, but few have the decades-long high-end audio pedigree of Denon. That's why its new Envaya DSB200 Bluetooth speaker is a notable addition to the scene....
Sony is getting out of the Square Enix business
April 17, 2014 From Gamertell
It's not something most gamers pay attention to, but Sony does actually own shares in a surprising number of publishers and developers. ...
The Onkyo TX-NR838 network AV receiver
Onkyo introduces two network AV receivers that do several interesting things
April 17, 2014 From TechnologyTell
It’s always a good day for home audio when Onkyo announces a new AV receiver, let alone two. And that’s exactly what’s going down. The TX-NR737 and TX-NR838 are “network AV receivers” that fit into the midrange section of Onkyo’s line. They’re each THX Select2 Plus-certified, which basically means they’re exceptional at...
Sound United Names Peet EVP
April 16, 2014 From News
Sound United, a division of DEI Holdings which owns the Polk, Definitive Technology and BOOM brands, today announced a new channel-based sales strategy to drive key business initiatives and enhance resources.

Effective May 1, according to the announcement, Sound United will shift “a substantial amount of resources” into the audio specialty channel by appointing current Definitive Technology Executive Vice President, Dave Peet, to the newly created role of Executive Vice President of Sound United.
Former Zenith Exec Sidney Arlen Dies at 91
April 15, 2014 From News
Sidney Arlen, former president/general manager of Zenith Distributing Corporation of Southern California from 1982 to 1991, died in Cleveland on April 6. He was 91-years-old. 
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