The connected car: Tech's next gold rush
from NetworkWorld
Although it seems like an innovation that should have occurred years ago, the stage appears to be setting for the connected car to come to fruition, opening up a market that could surpass $131...... more »
Is Elon Musk Finally Giving Up On Selling Teslas Direct to Consumers? (TSLA, GM)
from Business Insider
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill on Tuesday that will keep electric carmaker Tesla from selling its cars directly to consumers in the state, home to the biggest U.S. automakers.... more »
Pioneer heightens in-car entertainment experience with 2015 lineup
One of the leading aftermarket car electronics firm, Pioneer, has recently showcased its 2015 product lineup, which includes a range of exciting new products designed to enhance the in-car...... more »
Audi Looks to Head Off Google With In-Car Map Updates
from BusinessWeek
Audi has started to provide online map updates to avoid the frustration of detours triggered by out-of-date navigation systems that pushes drivers to services like Google Maps. The offer, which...... more »
Harman wants to quiet your ride using the tech behind noise-cancelling headphones
from Digital Trends
For some, road noise is an audible affirmation of movement through space. It’s an integral, even exhilarating part of the driving experience that connects the driver to road through the ears. For...... more »
Apple CarPlay to turn iPhone into car remote control
from AutoExpress
US technology giant Apple has filed a patent that could allow an iPhone to operate a vehicle's features outside the car without input from you. It could lock and unlock the car depending on where you are standing, and even... more »
B&W Debuts T7 Bluetooth Speaker
B&W's T7   ... more »
Audiovox Debuts Tablet/Rear-Seat System
Audiovox's in-car tablet   Audiovox has introduced the  Android Tablet Vehicle Entertainment System, which doubles as both an 8-inch Android tablet and a rear-seat entertainment system.... more »