[In-Car Tech] Elon Musk bullish on autonomous cars -- five or six years? Next year?
from Technology Tell
Elon Musk is very bullish on the timeline of the autonomous car. And let’s face it: He figures it might as well be a Tesla. In a recent interview in The Wall...... more »
Vertu for Bentley matches your phone to your ride, for just £10,700
from CNET News
The luxury phone and car manfacturers have teamed up for an Android smartphone with a 24-hour concierge service.... more »
[In-Car Tech] Audi A6, A7 Sportback, TT offer online music streaming
from Technology Tell
The Audi A6, A7 Sportback, and TT are gaining the ability to stream content from online sources, according to the German automaker. A press release from Audi (press...... more »
Video: These In-Car Apps Aren't Worth Your Cash
from cars.com
When shopping for a new car, buyers are bombarded now more than ever...... more »
Audiovox Debuts Tablet/Rear-Seat System
Audiovox's in-car tablet   Audiovox has introduced the  Android Tablet Vehicle Entertainment System, which doubles as both an 8-inch Android tablet and a rear-seat entertainment system.... more »
Alpine Enters Headphone Space
Alpine Electronics headphones   Alpine Electronics, best known for in-car tech, has branched into consumer electronics with the launch of Alpine Headphones and an accompanying Alpine Level Play App. ... more »