Toyota Spurns CarPlay, Android Auto
from PCMag
Toyota won't be integrating Apple's CarPlay or Google's Android Auto into its vehicles anytime soon, according to a New York Times report.... more »
Why does in-car tech lag behind phone tech? It’s trickier than you think
from Digital Trends
It has always been tempting to compare smartphones and tablets with in-car infotainment system. After all, they perform many of the same tasks and even use similar touchscreen interfaces. With the arrival of Apple CarPlay and Android-based systems like Subaru's StarLink, this comparison becomes... more »
Car Tech 101: What's next for blind-spot tech
from CNET News
Brian Cooley tells you how blind-spot tech works, why it's important and where it's headed.... more »
Apple, Google Are Vying to Connect Your Car
from Auto World News
Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker Ford may have the right idea when it comes to integrating connected car technology into its lineup.... more »
Volvo Announces Production-Viable Autonomous Car Tech
from Motor Authority
Among carmakers, Volvo is one of the strongest proponents of self-driving cars. Itlaunched its "Drive Me" pilot program to test cars on public roads in Gothenburg, Sweden last year, and now it's rolling out a further refinement of the technology.... more »
Sony Debuts Bluetooth Headphones
Sony's new headphones   Sony has announced four new models of Bluetooth headphones, the MDR-ZX770BN, MDR-ZX770BT, MDR-ZX330BT and MDR-AS600BT.
... more »