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July 24, 2014
Can Linux speed in-car systems?
from Automotive News
Software may reduce development time, costs Software may reduce development time, costs Automotive News The open-source software revolution is coming to the car. Most in-vehicle infotainment...... more »
Sensor-Powered Seatbelt Could Save the Lives of Sleepy Drivers
from Mashable
Wearable tech has done a lot to foster the rise of the "quantified self" space, but surprisingly few of these devices focus on enhancing our safety. Now a new prototype system looks to...... more »
[In-Car Tech] Self-parking just the beginning of '15 Volvo XC90's tech
from Technology Tell
The 2015 Volvo XC90 will have the ability to automatically stop itself if the driver attempts to make a turn across oncoming traffic that may cause a crash, according to Volvo. That’s just one of...... more »
Linka Plans to Become First WiFi Car Audio Adapter
from Mobile Electronics
The world's first WiFi audio adapter for cars' audio systems, LINKA, is able to upgrade an existing car's audio system from Wire to Wireless (WiFi Audio) via the AUX-IN port. LINKA is designed for...... more »
Google gives Uber users in Philadelphia free in-car Wi-Fi
from The Next Web
As part of its ongoing experiments with new and interesting add-on services, Uber is trialing a Wi-Fi service in its cars, kicking off initially in Philadelphia . The aptly-titled uberWiFi service...... more »
Ingenious Driving Technology - The Jaguar Land Rover Smart Assistant Helps Minimize Driver Error (
from Trend Hunter
Jaguar Land Rover's Smart Assistant is a high-tech in-car technology that aims to minimize the risk associated with driver distraction and error. It does so by learning driver...... more »
Nationwide Offers Chance to Win Martina McBride Tickets
Nationwide's Martina McBride contest   Nationwide Marketing Group is offering front row tickets and backstage passes for Martina McBride's concert during the upcoming PrimeTime! event.... more »

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