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April 18, 2014
iPhone-Like Dashboard Demoed by Volvo at Auto Show
from NBCNews.com
In-car touchscreen systems aren't known for their great usability, but a new one modeled on Apple's iOS may prove a more worthwhile platform. CarPlay, designed by Apple in...... more »
Apple CarPlay added to Pioneer dashboard systems
from Digital Spy
Apple CarPlay support will be added to Pioneer Corporation's line of dashboard multimedia systems this summer. The in-car technology will be added to five of the company's products - the...... more »
[In-Car Tech] Audi launches MMI Connect app that syncs directly to A3s
from Technology Tell
OEM apps are the next curve on the road to our Android-vs.-Apple CarPlay in-car entertainment future, and Audi’s MMI Connect is the latest OEM effort to integrate apps...... more »
AT&T signs connected car deal with Volvo
from Telecoms.com
AT&T has entered into an agreement with Volvo to provide internet connectivity in vehicles in the USA and Canada US operator AT&T has entered into a multi-year agreement with Swedish car...... more »
Pioneer to upgrade 5 exisitng consoles for CarPlay, no new hardware required
from ArsTechnica
Pioneer's $700 AVH-4000NEX is on sale today and will get a CarPlay-compatible firmware update early this summer. Pioneer Yesterday, Alpine Electronics announced plans to release a new in-car...... more »
[In-Car Tech] Bosch's future of putting autopilot on the road
from Technology Tell
When most of us think of autonomous vehicles, we think of something like the Google car, with its rotating laser turret.  However, to coin Dodge a few years ago “An unmanned car by a search engine...... more »

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