Tesla Model S P85D Will Accelerate Faster With Software Update
from Automobilemag.com
Impressive performance, usable range, and luxury appeal aside, perhaps the most intelligent and coolest feature of the Tesla Model S is its ability to improve thanks to over-the-air software updates.... more »
Delaware Wants to Digitize Driver's Licenses
from Pymnts.com
As smartphones increasingly become like digital wallets with the rollout of features like Apple Pay and online identification becoming more common, it is only a matter of time before people become confident enough to put more sensitive information on their... more »
Self-driving car wish list: Safety but no coffee
from USA Today
What do consumers want in a self-driving car?... more »
New Toyota semiconductor tech could improve efficiency
from TechnologyTell
Toyota said it will begin testing new silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor technology on a Camry Hybrid prototype and a fuel cell bus in Japan this year in a move that could improve the efficiency of hybrid and other electric vehicles.... more »
Ford accelerates tech efforts with new Silicon Valley lab
from Engadget
Ford wants you to know that it's more than just trucks and cars. It wants to be seen as a technology innovator too. Of course, the Detroit automaker has long had a friendly relationship with technology, what with its Sync infotainment platform,... more »
Google, Apple and our Cars
The Mercedes autonomous car   Car companies want to keep (or really hog) their customers all to themselves.  Additionally, they want to monitor the dashboard experience, and have typically frowned upon aftermarket devices and aftermarket software jumping into the pool.  Although Audi was one of... more »
Harman Buys Two Car Software Companies
Harman logo   Harman announced that it has purchased a pair of companies that make in-car software.... more »