How Mobile Electronics will Evolve in the New Connected World
Keith Lehmann
Successful companies take the time to visualize business opportunities and threats in their future, crafting a strategic vision that is used for the creation of corporate guideposts.  While the future is impossible to 100 percent accurately predict, innovations and technology trends in the connected car movement are clearly shaping up, and the impact on mobile electronics manufacturers and retailers will be huge. 

I have the pleasure of serving as the Managing Director of the Connected Car Council, which puts me at the front of the connected car movement and in close proximity of thought leaders from companies such as Cisco, Delphi, QNX, Intel, NVIDIA, Telenav and others.  From this vantage point, I can see where the technology is going, how automotive and tech companies are adapting, and why the aftermarket mobile electronics industry will be changing rapidly in the next five years.  more »

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