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July 29, 2014
Remodeling Spending to Be Slower, But Still Strong, in Early 2015
from APPLIANCE Magazine
The strong growth in remodeling spending in 2014 is expected to slow in early 2015—but is expected to still be significant. The United States government shutdown in October 2013 impacted, among...... more »
Make your home more convenient with these three gadgets
from SlashGear
The devices we use in our everyday lives are getting a makeover, and with that makeover comes an unprecedented amount of control over and automation in our...... more »
Jibo is a social robot for the home
Robots in the home are currently limited to Roombas and smart appliances that can seem less like The Bicentennial Man and more like computers on wheels. There’s a growing trend to make robots act...... more »
Whirlpool Corporation Reports Second-Quarter 2014 Results
from Michigan Live
Net sales in the quarter were $4.7 billion compared to $4.7 billion during the same prior-year period.... more »
Samsung RF28HMELBSR/AA Refrigerator With Wi-Fi-Enabled LCD
from PC Magazine
Smart appliances, which often boast the same capabilities as the smartphones and tablets we take for granted, haven't quite caught on yet.... more »
Whirlpool Launches Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer
from APPLIANCE Magazine
Whirlpool Corp. unveiled a dryer with hybrid heat pump technology, designed to regenerate energy during the drying cycle to reduce energy consumption while providing dryer speed and performance...... more »
LG Curved Ultra HD TV Open For Preorder in S. Korea
LG’s 105-inch curved UHD   LG said this week that its 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV is now available for preorders in South Korea, while it will reach "other markets" in the fourth quarter.
... more »
Amazon Jumps Into 3D Printing
Amazon's 3D printing store   The 3D printing category has a major new entrant: Amazon.... more »

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