Appliance store sales up 6.1% year-over-year
from APPLIANCE Magazine
The National Retail Federation said sales were up in November. Not including automobiles, gasoline stations, or restaurants, retail sales increased 0.6 percent seasonally adjusted over October and...... more »
Sears CEO Compares His Business To The Death Of Landline Phones
from Business Insider
Sears has been bleeding cash and closing hundreds of stores. In a blog post Monday, Sears CEO Eddie Lampert opened up about the company's troubles and compared the changing retail landscape to the demise of landline telephones.... more »
5 CES Trends Marketers Should Closely Watch Next Year
from Adweek Online
'Explaining CES to someone who hasn’t attended is like explaining particle physics to a house cat,” reads the CES 2015 website. Hyperbole...... more »
LG merges its Appliance and HVAC business units
from APPLIANCE Magazine
LG Electronics (LG) merged its Home Appliance and Air Conditioning & Energy Solution business units to create a consolidated LG Home Appliance & Air Solution (H&A) Company.... more »
Best Buy Needs To Shrink To Grow
from Seeking Alpha
Best Buy needs to shrink to grow - that is, to sustain the core business. Management has seized the low-hanging fruit of cost reductions; how they elevate customer service to increase their...... more »
Bosch Names Kenny Brand Director
Dan Kenny   Bosch announced Tuesday that it has named Daniel Kenny its new U.S. Director of Brand Marketing. Kenny is a former VP of Marketing and Merchandising at Paul’s TV & Appliances.... more »
RadioShack Posts Another Big Loss
Radioshack's logo   RadioShack Thursday posted another nine-figure loss, posting a loss of $161.1 million, compared with $135.9 million these same time last year. 
... more »