Was the Amazon Fire Phone a Gross Miscalculation?
from Mashable
I haven't spotted a single Fire Phone in the wild since it shipped in late July, and Amazon has millions of dollars in unsold inventory. Even AT&T, which Amazon partnered with, seems less than enthused about the phone.... more »
Microsoft to drop Nokia name from Lumia smartphones
from USA Today
Microsoft's line of Lumia mobile devices will undergo a subtle name change over the next several weeks. The company confirmed it will drop the Nokia name from its devices, switching to the...... more »
iTunes music sales down more than 13%: Report
from CNBC
Global sales for digital music on Apple's iTunes Store is down more than 13 percent...... more »
Twitter Introduces Game-Changing Mobile Platform
from Yahoo! Finance
Mobile app development and monetization may have taken a major leap forward with the introduction of Fabric, a software development kit by Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR ), released Wednesday...... more »
iPad Air 2 teardown reveals mystery NFC chip
from Macworld
A teardown of Apple's iPad Air 2 turned up a surprise: an NFC module. According to iFixit , the NXP 65V10 NFC Controller is the same one that Apple uses for Apple Pay in its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6...... more »
Less than meets the eye to Microsoft's great quarter
from Yahoo! Finance
“Get all excited and go to a yawning festival.” -Steve Martin, The Grandmother Song Shares of Microsoft ( MSFT ) opened 4% higher on Friday after the software giant posted third-quarter revenue...... more »
Google Enhances Android Wear
from Information Week
Google has pushed a system update to Android Wear devices just as two more wearables head to the market. With new features, new apps, and new hardware in tow, Android Wear is slowly developing its foundation ahead of the arrival... more »