Apple Sends Out Invites For March 9 Event, Likely For Apple Watch
from TechCrunch
Apple has issued invites for a new media event on March 9, with the tagline "Spring Forward," which likely refers to time, hence the Apple Watch is a good guess for the star of the show. The event kicks off... more »
Google's latest mobile ad move: Google Play
from ZDNet
Google has been trying to nail the mobile advertising game for a while, but the user behavior is just different than on the desktop. Now a move to add paid search ads into Google Play may change that equation---or at... more »
Motorola will offer customization options for the Moto 360 smartwatch
from The Verge
Motorola's Moto Maker website has thus far been used exclusively for customizing Motorola smartphones, but starting next month it will expand to include the Moto 360 smartwatch, Wired reports.... more »
This Could Be Our First Good Look at the Samsung Galaxy S6
from Gizmodo
Samsung's big new flagship phone is due out very very soon at this year's Mobile World Congress, and Samsung has been teasing the shit out of it. But now, it looks like one may have made its way out into the... more »
Patent filing reveals Amazon’s idea to 3D-print products on delivery trucks
from Geekwire
Why bother with delivery by drone when you can deliver - and make - the product on the same truck?... more »
State laws restricting city-run broadband overruled
from Engadget
Today is one of the more momentous days in the FCC's recent history. Its net neutrality vote will get most of the press attention, but its moves to protect municipal broadband from state legislators are also quite important. The proposal... more »