Google gets ready to take on Apple Pay
from CNBC
Tim Cook took a small jab at Google's system and other players in the space when he said last month during an Apple event that...... more »
Moto 360 Smartwatch's Battery Might Actually Last a Full Day Now
from Mashable
Motorola rolled out an update to its Moto 360 smartwatch on Tuesday that promises to improve battery life. The watch runs Android Wear, Google's...... more »
Apple’s New iPads Are Great, But Not Essential
from Time
The new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are displayed during an Apple special event on October 16, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple unveiled the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 tablets and the iMac...... more »
Microsoft Officially Ditches the Nokia Brand
from Mashable
The Lumia 730 will be one of the last phones to carry the Nokia brand. Microsoft's mobile site is filled with words — but one...... more »
Google Says A New Chromecast Is On The Way
from Fast Company
Google's Chromecast, which allows about any phone, tablet, or laptop to stream Netflix and other rich media to your television, was a surprise hit for one big reason: It was cheap. Originally...... more »
Microsoft's Smartwatch Is Apparently Coming Soon, And It May Launch In Three Sizes (MSFT)
from Business Insider
It looks like Microsoft's rumored smartwatch could indeed be coming soon. Just after Forbes reported that the company would release a new wearable in the next few weeks, a new filing for a wireless device has just been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.... more »
The next Nook chapter is a $299 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
from Yahoo! Finance
Barnes & Noble is continuing its hardware partnership with Samsung, announcing the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook on Wednesday . The new $299 (after $50 instant rebate) 10.1-inch tablet follows a 7-inch version...... more »
Microsoft reveals audacious plans to tighten security with Windows 10
from ZDNet
Windows 10 will build in standards-based two-factor authentication to every device, effectively neutering most phishing attacks and password database breaches. The company also announced new...... more »