Not All Complaints Are Created Equal

The difference between Customer Service #Winning and a Customer Service #Fail can be a few minutes.

A Wall Street Journal article today focused on Citibank’s social media customer service improvement.

Two years ago, “the bank’s social-media agents were required to get third-party approval before answering even the most mundane questions, a process that stretched response times to as long as 24 hours-the equivalent of light years on the Web.”

Today Citi has a number of employees that are specially trained as social media agents, but social media still represents less than 1% of customer service inquiries. So why make the investment?

Social media inquiries are much more dangerous, yet offer a much greater opportunity than customer phone calls. Unlike a customer on the phone, your social media customer inquiry is out in the open, with the possibility of unlimited exposure. Help a customer immediately, and that customer is a click away from sharing that experience even further. Screw it up, and I would bet the customer is even more likely to share.

Not all complaints are created equal. Keep that in mind when developing your customer service strategy, and when deciding who has access to your social media accounts.

Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal on @askCiti here.

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