How to Find New Customers Using Twitter Searches

I just want to take a moment to share some tips on monitoring your brand on Twitter, and finding new customers using Twitter’s search tools. These came from a fantastic post on Econsultancy by Matt Owen.

I’ve been saying you need to constantly monitor your Twitter account so you can quickly respond to customer complaints, and Owen shows some pretty easy searches you can build in Twitter, and if you’re using TweetDeck or HootSuite you can save the searches permanently. And here I was typing in my brand name every time like a chump.

If your brand gets a lot of chatter, you can cut through the noise by setting up a search like dealerscope -RT. The minus sign removes any RTs and now my search will only return mentions of my brand in which a person has added a question or comment, and I can quickly respond. If your website URL is different than your handle, you could add that to your search as well to see if anyone is linking to you.

Owen also has some great tips for outreach. You can use Twitter to find potential customers and offer each one a personalized solution. As a retailer I might search for buy AND tablet OR pc OR laptop OR smartphone OR ipod OR player -RT -http -www near:philadelphia. Click the link or copy it into your Twitter search bar and see what you find.

Then you can delicately approach people who are looking to buy what you sell. You have to do it one person at a time, but I bet the conversion rate is much higher than a blanket ad. If you connect with a customer this way, come back here and tell me how it went!