Chris Richards Explains Fanpage Toolkit’s F-Commerce Strategy

Fanpage Toolkit's Social Commerce and Marketing Platform for Facebook

In our last post, Chris Richards of Fanpage Toolkit defined “social commerce” broadly for us. We briefly touched on Facebook Commerce (F-Commerce), but that is a subject that deserves an in-depth look. Today, Chris is back to explain to us what his company, Fanpage Toolkit, brings to the F-Commerce table.

1. Tell us about Fanpage Toolkit.

“Well, Fanpage Toolkit is basically a unified set of tools to help businesses create a presence on Facebook and promote their Facebook storefronts. It empowers users to create, promote, market, trend, engage and sell products and services completely within Facebook.”

2. Who thought of this idea?

“Aaron Friedman, our CEO started developing the business in 2009. He recognized how F-commerce could benefit small businesses. After people realized how important social commerce and engagement within the Facebook community is to their business, they started contacting us. It really grew from there.”

3. Who would benefit from Fanpage toolkit’s services the most?

“That’s a good question. We support small to medium size businesses. We’re not really a one person platform. We understand that it’s hard enough already for “mom and pop” shops to compete with larger businesses, and we want to help place social media into their marketing plans. It’s important to be a part of such an engaging platform so you can connect with your current customers and possibly create new ones. Like I said to Jack, some studies show that 37% of small businesses surveyed used Facebook as their only sales venue.”

4. Social Media is always growing, and it seems at a rapid rate recently due to the introduction of Pinterest. How do you feel your business will perform in the next 5 to 10 years in light of all of the recent changes?

“It is absolutely ever changing. We just had to change a few things around to prepare for the sudden Timeline update that happened with Facebook in April. We had to make sure the apps worked with the new layout. Although it was hectic, the recent change taught us is that we really have to be open and willing to change. I see nothing but success for our company down the road.”

5. What is the best piece of advice you would give our readers about Social Commerce?

“I think the best piece advice I could give is you need to tailor the online experience to your product. It can be intimidating at first to create your own page or start a campaign, but really you just have to dive in and go for it”

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