Time to Put Social Media Ideas Into Action

I had a great time at the Social Media Plus conference here in Philadelphia yesterday, and I picked up a couple of action points I thought I’d share.

Eric Boggs of Argyle Social kicked off the presentations with a few “controversial” findings, one of which was welcome news to me: RSS feeds generated just as many clicks as manually inputted Tweets. In publishing, the click is huge, so I can save time by supplementing (supplementing is the key) my Tweets with RSS, and my click-through rate should stay the same.

Clicks are one part of the equation, but when it is time to actually drive sales, you need the personal connection that manually inputted Tweets can give you, because that comes down to trust (the keynote speech from Jason Falls had some great examples of trust and personal connections can do for sales).

In the afternoon, Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive got me back onboard the Google+ bandwagon –at least as a publisher. He said writers might be the “Trojan Horse” Google will use to suck people in. With rel=author tags, writers can link their content with their Google+ profiles, so that their photos show up alongside articles in Google search results. If you like content, you’ll be led to the person behind it, and conversation or hangouts could follow.

Speaking of which, you can add me to a circle at +Jack Cotter

To wrap it up I enjoyed a session by Lindsay Lebresco, the social media manager for Lilly Pulitzer. At a previous job she put together a points-based incentive system to encourage company employees to blog. Different point values were awarded for categories such as number of posts, comments, outbound links, retweets, and the like.

Those are just a few of the points I’d like to act on. All of the ideas flying around were a great motivational boost to keep pushing and trying new things. Kudos to Social Media Plus for putting on a fine conference. You can check out all of the presentation slides here.

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