Get Your Tweet On – How to Tweet at a Trade Show

So you spent the last year building up a great social media following, and you took a week to go to CEDIA Expo. You’re going to share everything you see and really deliver value to all those followers… but suddenly the show’s over and you feel like you didn’t share half of what you saw.
This could happen to you, young Tweeter. Avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of losing yourself in the show and you could come away with new followers and stronger relationships.

The most important thing is to know your show hashtag – In this case it’s #CEDIA12. Using the hashtag expands your reach to users who aren’t following you, but are following the show. Searching for the hashtag also helps you filter out the noise from your feed that is unrelated to the event.

Next, you’ll want to beef up your Twitter arsenal. I use a combination of the official Twitter app on my phone and Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to control multiple accounts without having to log in and out. You can also set up and save a search for the show hashtag.

Another website I use is SocialOomph, which allows me to schedule Tweets to go out during the show. If your booth has a giveaway, and you know what the Tweets will be in advance, you shouldn’t be wasting precious show floor time writing and sending those Tweets.

Take pictures as well. Instagram is great for quickly sharing your photos on Twitter and Facebook. You can put all your photos up in a Facebook album after the show is over, and use them in blog posts.

Keep in mind that you’re probably Tweeting mostly for the people back home who couldn’t attend the event anyway. The other people at the show are running around even more frantically than you are, and your clever Tweet is likely to shoot right down their feed before they even check it.

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    The web aspect of trade shows is so important for attracting an audience to your booth! All of the websites recommended here are trendy and perfect for creating a trade show presence. While tweeting and Facebook posting are instrumental during a trade show, as you mention, it is also vital to gear up potential attendees weeks before the event by posting about it in advance. Try giving your social media audience some sneak peeks of your booth design, staff preparation, or the giveaways and deals they can cash in on as incentive to visit your booth. Also, while at the trade show, don’t forget to respond to audience feedback on your posts. To avoid missing out on important leads while managing your social media, hire some professional booth staff to concentrate on attracting people to your booth during the show and educating them on your product until you’re free.