Building Brand Loyalty, The Guacamole Way

You may have heard that I recently came into a substantial amount of guacamole. That’s right, I won 10 pounds of guacamole on Twitter.

Through good fortune, I stumbled upon a guacamole giveaway from Wholly Guacamole, that’s @eatwholly on twitter. It was a simple Twitter retweet giveaway, but it earned their brand at least one lifetime fan.

I’ve run a number of these for various publications. The company makes up a unique hashtag, and then keeps track of everyone who tweets it. I use a Microsoft Excel spread sheet and type in each name as they come in. Excel auto-completes the name so I know if a name has already been entered. Then I draw a random number and pick the winner.

I didn’t think much about it, but tweeted:

“I don’t know how a guac giveaway works but I want in. RT @eatwholly: Happy Wednesday! Let’s give some guac away today! RT with #WhollyWed”

A few hours later I got the direct message that I won! So I figured maybe Wholly Guacamole would send me a coupon or something. WRONG. They mailed me a 10 pound box with a giant styrofoam cooler filled with icepacks and various types of guacamole and salsa. Super awesome. I’m on my third straight day of burritos and I’ve barely made a dent in my guac stash.

But as a fellow social media-ite, what impressed me most was the package inside the package. Wholly guacamole put in a personalized hand-written note, avocado stress toy, chip clip, Livestrong style bracelet, recipe card, ideas for presenting your guacamole artistically, and a map of the U.S. which suggests what each state puts guacamole on.

I hadn’t felt any particular loyalty to a specific brand of guacamole before this. In fact, I love guac, but couldn’t even name another brand. But Wholly Guacamole is now my guac of choice. Plus I keep going around to everyone I know and saying, “so I won 10 pounds of guac on Twitter the other day.” I’d say this giveaway was a roaring success for Wholly Guacamole.

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  • Gail Knight

    Now you have to find "other" uses for the quac ( facials, lubrication, fertilizer for those special sprouts) – the list could be endless!

  • jeffoheir

    Great tips on social marketing that all independent CE dealers can leverage. Jack, thanks for posting!