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Video: Intel on Selling Ultrabook Convertibles
November 27, 2012

Merlin Kister, Intel brand manager, discusses some of the more desirable selling points in the latest generation Ultrabook models. He presents three of the latest Ultrabook PC tablet computers: the Dell XPS Duo 12, the Acer Aspire 7 and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, and examines their physical capabilities, as well as their software advancements.

Video: Intel Demos New Convertible Ultrabooks from Lenovo and Dell
November 23, 2012

Merlin Kister, Intel brand manager, demonstrates a few of the newest Ultrabook models, made available this holiday season. This latest generation of Ultrabooks combine standard laptop functionality and touch-screen tablet features by 'marrying' the two and creating a new type of device altogether.

Video: Intel on the New Generation of Touch Screen Ultrabooks
November 23, 2012

Merlin Kister, Intel brand manager, stops into the Dealerscope office to discuss the newest generation of their Ultrabook system with online editor Jack Cotter. Just in time for the holidays, Kister demonstrates how these devices are soon to be the 'must-have' products of the season.

The Epson Artisan 810 All-in-One Printer
January 27, 2010

Epson shows off their latest premium all-in-one printer, the Artisan 810, which can print labels directly onto CDs and DVDs and turn pictures into coloring book pages.

Control4 2.0
October 7, 2009

Control4 President and COO Glen Mella talks about the new Control4 2.0 interface, the Control4 IQ licensing system and working with 16 new manufacturers.

Data Backup That Fits in Your Wallet
July 7, 2009

ClickFree has a data backup solution that fits in your wallet and starts up without any additional software.  Just plug it into your computer and go.  Check out this demo live from CEA LineShows.

50 Ways to Store Your Data (More Like 6, But Still)
June 24, 2009

SanDisk presents six storage devices including the Cruzer, the 64GB Ultra Backup, the switchblade-style Contour and more. Plus two card readers. All in just over 90 seconds. Filmed live at CEA LineShows.

CES Unveiled: Yukon for Ultra-Thin Notebooks
January 8, 2009

AMD launches Yukon, a platform for ultra-thin notebooks, on HP's Pavillion dv2, which is less than an inch thick, less than four pounds and costs less than $700.

40 Second Pitch
January 9, 2008

Some of the latest products announced during CES in 40 seconds or less.