4K, 8K Prototypes Populate CEATEC Japan 2012

CEATEC Japan 2012, the annual electronics exhibition showcasing Japanese companies’ latest technological innovations, is currently under way in the Chiba area of Japan just outside Tokyo. Dealerscope visited the convention on Day One (Oct. 2) of the show, which runs through Oct. 6. Following are snapshots of what some of the major CE companies presented (double-click on images to enlarge). Photos: Nancy Klosek

Toshiba’s 84-inch Quad Full HD 4K-resolution TV, showing quadruple Full HD resolution images (target availability in Japan: Spring 2013). It is powered by the Gen-2 REGZA CEVO (Cell Evolution) Engine platform, said to provide improved textural detail and luminosity

Sony’s 84-inch 4K BRAVIA set (due out 11/23 in Japan at ¥1,680,000, or about $21,500), anchored the company’s booth

Sony demo’ed its 4K X-Reality Pro technology, which upconverts a 2K signal (TV on right) to 4K (TV on left)

Panasonic's prototypes included this 145-inch 8K Super Hi-Vision plasma display, which uses 33 million pixels. It is 10 times the screen size and has 16 times the pixel count of a 42-inch Full HD Hi-Vision set

Also shown at Panasonic: 20-inch 4K LCD prototypes, which the company says consume less power than 4K LCD panels from competitors

Sharp’s booth

Sharp showcased a new technology for its AQUOS TV panels: Moth Eye, which the company said yields improved color and contrast while reducing glare and reflective properties on the screens

Demo’ing Moth Eye panel’s effect: a Moth Eye-treated showcase (left side) reduces glare, compared with the untreated showcase (right side)

Sharp's ICC-LED TV demo, at its booth, using I-cubed Research’s ICC (Integrated Cognitive Creation) technology, which interprets how the brain “reads” light stimuli, in combination with Sharp’s 4K large-screen panel technology

Clarion is entering the ceiling speaker category in Japan. It showcased its new hexagonal six-driver 01 Drive series speaker, which is Bluetooth-endowed and will work within a 10-meter radius from the smart device transmitting the music

Pioneer’s Cyber Navi HUD (head-up display) navigation system, which was commercialized this summer in Japan, displays augmented-reality nav cues for drivers

Pioneer’s MIXTRAX automated DJ track-mixing system uses Pioneer’s own cloud server and categorizes five-second samplings of tracks, sorting them into any of 10 music genre categories

Pioneer’s DEH-580 head unit, on sale in Japan, which uses built-in MIXTRAX technology

Center stage, at the Mitsubishi booth: the 155-inch DiamondVision OLED display

NTT DoCoMo demo’ed its i beam technology, which permits control of personal smart devices using eye tracking

NTT also showed prototype video eyeglasses outfitted with a built-in video phone and bio-feedback sensors

The Coby Japan booth

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