A Store Tour of Schaefer’s TV and Appliance Center

Ron Romero, president of Schaefer’s TV & Appliance Center recently gave us a tour of the company’s new store in Lincoln, Neb. Obviously, a lot of thought went into color combinations, product placement, traffic flow and an open design that encourages consumers to stay and shop.

The store was the subject of the cover story in the March 2008 issue of Dealerscope magazine. Now, you are invited to take a tour of the store itself, with some additional photos on top of the ones that were included in the magazine. All photos by George Burba (www.gburba.com)

Colors play an important role in helping customers feel comfortable at Schaefer’s.

A variety of product makes up the full kitchen solution at Schaefer’s.

Another view of how the colors and placement of different components enhances the overall customer experience at Schaefer’s.

You might not like the Red Sox, but you have to appreciate the design concepts that went into one of Schaefer’s home theater rooms.

Who said oven displays couldn’t be sexy?

Thoughtful design seeps into the children’s vignettes at Schaefer’s.

Romero takes a break in a home theater seat, just one of many product sets that are an important part of Schaefer’s design strategy.

Schaefer’s president Ron Romero in the company’s new, redesigned store, where every element of style is carefully thought out.

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