ADL Honors Industry Leaders Ghaznavi, Chupka, Grossman

The Anti-Defamation League recently hosted its annual National Consumer Technology Tribute at Cipriani’s in New York City. The group presented Babak Ghaznavi, president and CEO of Paul’s TV with its American Heritage Award; Karen Chupka, CEA’s senior vice president of events and conferences, with the Torch of Liberty Award; and Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, with the Patricia Rienzi Legacy Award. Here are some highlights from the night (Text and photos by Jeff O’Heir)

Paul's TV’s Babak Ghaznavi accepts the American Heritage Award.

HSN’s Mindy Grossman receives the Patricia Rienzi Legacy Award.

Bell’O’s Marc Sculler and Bob LaScala

Nationwide Marketing’s Elly Valas and Jeannette Howe, with Paradigm’s Jack George

Morgan Milosevich and Gary Palenbaum of Synnex

New Age’s Adam Carroll and his wife Susan, along with Nicole and Jason Michaels

Fred Towns of New Age Electronics and his wife Eve

AnneMarie McDonald and CEA’s Jason Oxman, with Glenda and Bob MacMullin, CEA’s CFO

Best Buy’s Mike Vitelli and his wife Jodi, with their son Daniel and Amanda Harthausen

Audiovox's Pat Lavelle and his wife Patty, along with Dr. Susan Malinowski and CEA’s Gary Shapiro

Pat and Mike Fasulo of Sony

HSN’s Adam Marland, Felicia Morley and Dan Saginario

Mitsubishi’s Frank DeMartin and Max Wasinger

Sanyo’s Paul D’Arcy and CEA’s Jack Wayman

Sirius XM’s Hasib Mohammed and Holly Salk flank Stephen Bouikidis of NetReach.

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