CEA Inducts 11 Into Hall of Fame

The Consumer Electronics Association inducted 11 individuals of proven leadership and innovation to the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, including Runco founder Sam Runco. The ceremony was held Tuesday, during the CEA Industry Forum in San Diego, and drew around 500 people. Here are some highlights of the evening (Photos and captions by Jeff O’Heir and Maureen Jenson):

The 2011 CEA Hall of Fame Inductees

CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro congratulates inductee Sam Runco

CTPG President Eric Schwartz and Sam Runco

Inductee Sam Runco gets a big congrats from daughter Sarah

Inductee Ralph Baer, developer of the Brown Box and Magnavox Odyssey

Inductee Ivan Berger of Berger Braithwaite Labs/Video Magazine

Lance Braithwaite of Berger Braithwaite Labs

Tweeter founder and inductee Sandy Bloomberg

SanDisk cofounder and inductee Dr. Eli Harari

Hubbard Broadcasting president and inductee Stanley S. Hubbard

Sam Runco

Inductee Dr. Andrew Viteribi, inventor of the Viterbi algorithm

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