Inside the Cowboy Maloney’s DISHnet Launch

Here’s a behind-the-scenes view of Thursday’s launch of DISHnet, DISH’s broadband service play for underserved areas, at Cowbo Maloney’s flagship store in Jackson, Miss. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Eddie and John Maloney say the DISHnet service will bring in new customers.

Cowboy Maloney’s gets ready for the DISHnet broadband launch.

DISH CEO Joe Clayton and his mascot, Hopper, get the crowd ready for the DISHnet announcement.

Jackson, Miss., mayor Harvey Johnson casts his vote for DISH and Cowboy Maloney’s.

Jeff Joseph, CEA’s senior vice president of communications and strategic relationships, talks about the importance of closing the digital divide with services such as DISHnet.

A variety of POS and other marketing kiosks and materials are available to DISHnet dealers.

Hopper shows off an example of print ad that will be part of a multi-million dollar marketing campaign behind DishNET.

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