DSI’s 2011 Expo/Orange County

Distributor DSI Systems opened the last of a series of four 2011 Expos, at Costa Mesa, Calif.’s Hilton Hotel June 14th, with a dealer/vendor reception – the first in a series of conference events that was scheduled to include a full selling floor, training sessions and plenty of networking opportunities among vendors and fellow dealers. The theme running through the meeting, said DSI president Doug Robison, is “connectivity,” and the aim is to help dealers build the skill sets for better salesfloor demos. Here are some photos from the reception; a full account of the meeting will follow later this week.

DSI Systems president Doug Robison

DSI’s Jerry Satoren and Meg Berg

Jeannette Howe and Barrie McCorkle, Specialty Electronics Nationwide

Shazia Khan and Devi Lai, of Downey Satellite, Downey, Calif.

Al Levene, Haier, and Jerry Dreyer, DSI

L. to r.: Nelson Roberts, Wilson Electronics; Cody Bruce, Monster Cable; and DSI’s Meg Berg

L. to r.: Bill Miller, LG; Greg Nicorata, Sharp; Lawrence Davis, Atlantic Technology

Michael Danning and Betsy Smith, Toshiba

John and Tammy Dobbs, Dobbs Electronics/Appliance/Furniture, Blythe, Calif.

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