Highlights from CEA CEO Summit in Stresa, Italy

The Consumer Electronics Association hosted its annual CEO Summit in Stresa, Italy. The summit brought together leading executives to discuss the biggest issues in the industry.

Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees in Stresa, Italy

Kara Rupard Dickerson

James Bazet

Steven Tiffen

Eric & Vicki Schwartz and Steve & Robin Tiffen

Henry E. Juszkiewicz and Noel Lee

Elliot Peck

Randy Fry, Kevin Lee, Noel Lee, Gary Shapiro, Silvia Zuniga Yacoubian and Gary Yacoubian.

Randy Fry and Noel Lee

Rick Albuck, Randy Fry and Noel Lee

Bob Struble and Joe Clayton

Buzz Delano

Eric & Vicki Schwartz

Sandy Conrad and Eric Schwartz

Scott Patrick Hix

Doug Cole

Eliott Peck and Gary Shapiro

Gary Shapiro and Rick Albuck

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