Highlights From the D&H Mid-Atlantic Expo

Here’s some of what we saw at D&H’s show in Harrisburg:

D&H’s Rob Eby says independent dealers are in a prime position to capture more business, especially from Baby Boomers, who are looking for the customer service they can’t find from the mass merchants and large e-tailers.

Cy Ghaemi shows off Adesso’s Compagno 3 (MSRP $99), an iPad case that features a better keyboard than earlier models.

Jeff Handis talks up the Audyssey Audio Dock Air (MSRP $399), which uses Apple AirPlay to wirelessly stream music.

Stephanie Kohler demonstrates BenQ’s JoyBee GP2 (MSRP $549) mini projector. The LED projector is HD ready and is aimed at the gaming and education markets.

Read Fenner of Gunnar Optiks wears the company’s computer eyewear, (MSRP $79) which are designed to enhance short-distance viewing of computer screens and prevent eye strain.

Bill Looney with CODi’s iPad Smitten (MSRP $30), which was created after executives from pharmaceutical companies were looking for an easier way for their sales people to fill in orders while on the road.

Chris Loeper with Tely Labs’ TelyHD (MSRP $249). Loeper says it’s the first Skype-certified HDTV conferencing device. It has four microphones to accommodate large rooms and Apple Airplay for streaming content.

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