Highlights From the Floor at 2012 International CES

Some of what we saw at CES in 2012 (Stephen Silver)

An ice sculpture at CES Unveiled

LG's massive 3D demo in the Central Hall

Inside Samsung"s booth

The very blue special-events set at the Panasonic booth

DISH Network's new Hopper mascot

JVC's demo car in the North Hall

NBA legend Robert Horry signing autographs at the Haier booth

MIcrosoft's new Windows 8, previewed in a keynote by Steve Ballmer

Phoenix Gold's demo car

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  • Emery

    Great pictures! I wish I could have made it to CES this year to see all the great new technologies; it looks like it was a fantastic time. Out of all the products that you did come across what would you say is your favorite? Everything seemed great, but out of everything the one I actually see myself wanting on release is the Hopper and Joey system from Dish. I’ve wanted a whole-home solution from Dish for a long time now, so you could imagine how happy I am that one is almost in my grasp. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of that 2 terabyte hard drive and the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I also got to see what the UI would look like on the Hopper last week during work at Dish, and loved what I saw with that as well. It was very easy to navigate through and looked very stylish. It’s going to make a wonderful new addition in my home once I figure out when I can get my hands on one. :)