Pepcom’s Summer 2014 Show

Some highlights in product and technology introductions discovered during a tour around the Metropolitan Pavilion show floor in New York City June 19th. (Photos: Nancy Klosek)

Brett Faulk holds the Korus M20 wireless speaker ($199), featuring Bluetooth and SKAA connection technology. It provides 17 hours of playtime, ultra-short latency time, and can be daisychained with three other M20s for surround sound.

For Blue Goji, Kelly Stone demos the Goji Play interactive fitness wearable ($99) that works in conjunction with a fitness-tracking app. It come bundled with 17 free games that fuse entertainment with exercise.

Dan Williams of GreatCall presents the Jitterbug5 ($119), touted as the first cell phone with one-touch access to health and safety experts, via its dedicated red 5Star button. It also offers 25-day standby battery power and quick access of up to 200 contacts with its Voice Dial feature.

Nikon showcased several camera lines, including the Model D5300 ($1,049.95), shown by Mark Soares. It is a 24.2-megapixel DX-format camera and the first Nikon D-SLR with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. Its ultra-high-resolution 3.2-inch vari-angle LCD swivels a full 180 degrees.

Pong Research’s Heidi Adams, with samples of the company’s smartphone and tablet cases ($69.99 for the rugged versions and $59.99 for the classic versions) that help to redirect radiation from the phone away from the listener, via a built-in metallic layer with a passive antenna. The cases are available for Samsung and Apple models.

Payman Taei of Visme explained his free, cloud-based web app software - a tool for visual content creation, billed as the “Swiss Army knife of visual content.” It is upgradable for added functionality for a fee, and enables users to combine A/V, text and images into mobile-/web-friendly content.

Josh Miner holds Iridium’s GO!,a global connectivity tool for smartphone reception in cruise ships or other remote locations without incurring roaming charges. It works with up to five devices, and costs around $800, plus by-the-minute usage charges or the prepaid package price.

The New Matter Mod-t Wi-Fi-enabled 3D printer ($249), demo’ed by Steve Schell, uses technology that simplifies the moving of the print bed, thus requiring fewer parts, enabling high-volume manufacturing, and reducing complexity and cost. It comes with its own software package.

Siddarth Muthyala showed off LEGO’s four newly introduced FUSION games ($34.99 each), which combine traditional LEGO brick play with app-based game themes. Users can build items, use an app to view what they have created, and then import the image into 3D in the digital world.

Amy Johnson of Garmin displays the Vivofit fitness band, which has one-year battery life and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It offers the wearer personalized daily step goals and is heart-rate-monitor compatible. It is $129.99, and $169.99 when bundled with a heart monitor.

Stephen Drusano of Cobra, with the Wi-Fi-enabled CDR 900 Drive HD DashCam ($249.95). It offers an embedded G-Sensor that automatically saves video clips where an impact has been detected, and it will record in 1080p HD video in a 10-minute loop.

Jason Volk, with the top-line LifeTrak Zone C410 activity monitor ($99.99). It has built-in heart-rate and sleep-tracking capability, and uses an iOS or Android LifeTrak app. Its band is interchangeable to any of 13 different color choices.

Lindsay Aamodt of Speck holds the new line of CandyShell Inked cases for Samsung Galaxy 5, designed with high-definition graphics and a rubberized feel. They are available on the Verizon, AT&T, and Speck websites as well as at Target and Best Buy ($39.95).

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