Stereo Exchange Holds ‘Music Matters’ Event

Snapshots from New York City-based Stereo Exchange’s May 25th Music Matters event, where two-channel audio is king. Hosted by store owner Dave Wasserman, it included a presentation on turntable setup by Stereophile contributing editor Michael Fremer. Featured vendors were Bel Canto, Vienna Acoustics, Peachtree Audio, Meridian, SimAudio, Amarra, Transparent Audio and Wisdom Audio.

Ralph Schachter, Sonic Studio, showed the Amarra software solution

Patrick Butler, Vienna Acoustics, with the Mozart Grand SE and the Beethoven Baby Grand

Ryan Donaher of Meridian, with the 808.3 CD player and the DSP8000 speaker

Presenter Michael Fremer and Dave Wasserman

David Solomon, Peachtree Audio, with the iNova

Costa Koulisakis, with a Simaudio Moon component array

Jon Herron, Wisdom Audio, with the L75

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