The Vendor Floor at the BrandSource 2014 Convention & Expo

Here’s a look at some of the suppliers who exhibited their wares at BrandSource’s Las Vegas meeting, held just ahead of Labor Day 2014. (Photos: Devon Razey)

Bob Lawrence, BrandSource CEO

Jim Ristow and Sherry Dantonio, BrandSource

Joe Javins, BrandSource, and Tim Stevens, Bose

Nick Yates, XSENSOR Technology

John Kaido, Maytag Vacuums

Eric Sloan and Patrick McLellan, Urban Cultivator

Mark Kalish and Bruce Walker, Toshiba

Tara Dake and Eric J. Worst, Seiki

Michael Friedman and Erika Kaempfer, Samsung

Joe Hannaher and Dave Pettibone, ZVOX Audio

Peter Finnerty, Sharp

Laura Kerlagon, Electrolux

Shaun Wichelman, Electrolux

John Pell and Rusty Nix, Climatic Home Products

Joe Mosby, Electrolux

Joseph Martin and Adam Smith, Electrolux

Jonathan DeGroot, Bosch Home Appliances

Bob Seitz and Wade Kosakowski, Fisher Paykel

Nicole Radtke and Joe Wall, Generac Power

Rick Parrack, Louisiana Grills

Tim Snyder and Larry McBee, GE Appliances

Greg Mrzywka & Donald Roberts, Page Countryside, & Steve Cassano, GE Appliances

Jim Taylor and Kristen Kleehamer, GE Appliances

Doug Vunder, Stainless Steel Solutions

Marc Kneeland, Pricetag Pro

Thomas Asciolla and Steve Zanotti, DrySafer Corp.

James Parris, Crosley Corp.

Trevor Smith, Oreck

Matt Sharp, Bob Bevilacqua and Rich Bleck, Access Point

Ryan Scherpenisse, ePASS Software

Sal Khayrallah, Sirena Inc.