New Products Featured at CEA Line Shows

Dozens of vendors used the show floor at the CEA Line Shows this week as an opportunity to present their best and newest products. Here’s a look at a few of them. (Text and Photos By Jeff O’Heir)

AOC’s Robert Velec demonstrates the company’s e2239Fwt Multi Touch monitor, along with the 15.6-inch e1649Fwv USB LED portable monitor ($129).

Seagate’s Greg Falgiano shows off the GoFlex Satellite (MSRP $199.99), a wireless 500 GB drive that’s designed to hold more than 300 HD movies, stream media to three iPads at the same time and automatically syncs data from a PC or Mac.

Margaret Salleroli revs up PNY’s liquid-cooled graphics card ($549), which is designed to be 30 percent faster, cooler and quieter than standard cards.

Audio-Technica’s Crystal Griffith tries on the re-designed Solid Bass series headphones, which use a double air chamber for deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs.

Artison’s Cary Christie explains the new Music Lite ($250), scheduled to hit the streets next week. The Music Lites are 65-watt LED lights that house a wireless speaker that can be programmed within five zones.

Brandon Boll and Doug Broadhurst give Schosche’s myTrek pulse monitor ($129, Apple Stores in August and Taget in September. The Bluetooth-enabled monitor delivers vitals through an app to smartphone.

iLuv’s Daniel Moon with the company’s new universal speaker case for tablets ($49.99) and a Bluetooth keyboard ($69.99). The keyboard can also come bundled with iLuv’s imm517 sound system ($169.99).

Pioneer’s Ted Cardenas takes some time to explain the company’s AppRadio ($399), which should begin hitting store shelves this week. When connected to an iPhone 4 or fourth gen iPod touch, the AppRadio gives the user full on-screen access and control

Frank Gonzalez shows off the navigation feature’s of Pioneer’s new AppRadio.

Amy Sklar hangs on to her phone with the CellHandle ($19.95).

Kristin Petersen goes over the finer details of Motorola’s Xoom.

Matt Gonzalez shows off Dual’s XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver ($99)

Vizio co-founder Ken Lowe unveils the company’s new line of LED lights.

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