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Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs discusses the brand's initiative to better manage authorized internet retailers and weed out "Internet bandits."
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    This is how ALL manufacturers/vendors should approach their Authorized Dealers! Customers MUST get informed and directed to Authorized Dealers of their products. If you care about the reputation of your products/Brand Name , you will not want it anywhere that is simply passing products in and out of boxes without any product knowledge whatsoever(Internet Bandits). Electronics Specifically need to be in the Professional environment of a Reputable Retailer that can be trusted & has been trained and met the High Standards of a Vendor. I am an Electronics retailer & offer Professional Installation Services to properly integrate these products into the ever changing & more complicated systems of automobiles today which requires a lot of money for training & retaining qualified employees. I actually had a vendor tell me on the phone (years ago) that before we could represent/sell their product they would have to come inspect & interview us to make sure we were good enough to meet their high standards. Although Offensive at first, I Completely Appreciated & Respected what this manufacturer stood for and was Honored to handle their Products (Yes, we were good enough:) Taking the time to do this keeps the quality & high reputation a product should deserve. GOOD JOB KLIPSCH!