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Everything dealers must know about the burgeoning video sector, from consoles to portable devices to the games themselves.


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Klipsch Debuts Gaming Headset

KG-300 from Klipsch November 5, 2014

Klipsch has announced the availability of the  KG-300 wireless headset, which works with PlayStations, Xboxes, PC and Mac. ...

Best Buy Lists Locations Holding The Nintendo Experience

May 29, 2013

The Nintendo Experience is a new venture for Nintendo. It's a part of the company's strategy to communicate directly with fans during E3 2013 instead...

Study: Killing Used Games Could Be Profitable, or Suicide

May 29, 2013

If the marketplace of used videogames were to disappear, game publishers would see their profits decline - unless they massively lowered game prices. Those are...

Microsoft Reportedly to Take Cut on Used Xbox One Game Sales

May 24, 2013

Microsoft's policy concerning used Xbox One games has proven a bit confusing, but a new report may have spilled more concrete details. Citing information...

GameStop Results Beat as Mobile Sales Rise

May 23, 2013

Video games retailer GameStop Corp's quarterly profit beat estimates for the fourth consecutive quarter, suggesting that its strategy of expanding its digital and mobile...

Why Microsoft's Xbox One Won't Kick the Cable Guy Out of Your House

May 22, 2013

Like everyone else, Microsoft wants to control your living room . The problem with that plan: The cable guy already controls your living room. He's...

Next Xbox Will Face New Array of Rivals

May 22, 2013

Microsoft is betting it has a new way to win the wallets of consumers. The company on Tuesday introduced the new version of its...

Next Xbox Shipments to Ramp Up in Third Quarter

May 21, 2013

Microsoft's next Xbox is already in production, and will start shipping in large numbers in the third quarter, according to a recent report. The...

Say Hello to the Xbox One

May 21, 2013

Microsoft revealed the next Xbox at an event from its campus in Redmond, Washington today. Simply called the Xbox One, Microsoft is expecting the...

Microsoft to Unveil Revamped XBox Tuesday as it Tries to Fend Off New Breed of Competitors

May 20, 2013

Microsoft Corp. is revamping the Xbox to fend off a breed of competitors ranging from Apple Inc. to Facebook Inc. Those companies were nowhere in...