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Studies, surveys, sales figures and other periodic measures of the state of the CE world.


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CEA: Confidence Mixed Ahead of Holidays

CEA logo October 29, 2014

CEA's Index of Consumer Technology Expectations (ICTE) dropped 3.2 points in October, although the Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) rose 5.3 points the same month....

Savant Survey: Consumers Are Ready For Home Automation

Savant Systems' survey October 28, 2014

Consumers are expecting a future in which home automation plays a huge part- and the most important parts of that are ease of use and...

Crunching the 4K Numbers at CE Week

CEWk_TVStatPanel.JPG June 24, 2014

The “Your Next TV” Conference presentations at 2014 CE Week in New York City Tuesday focused on all aspects of the Ultra HD TV scenario...

Behind the Upward Tick in Holiday Tech Spending: CEA

CES2014Preview_DuBravac.JPG November 13, 2013

A look inside the 2.6 percent projected upswing in holiday spending on technology was provided by the Consumer Electronics Association’s Shawn DuBravac, chief economist...

CE Week Kickoff: CEA's Mid-Year Industry Review

CEWeekSummit13_DuBravac.jpg June 24, 2013

Technology is having to compete harder than ever for consumer dollars against the appeal of durable goods like cars and appliances ...

Sony and Lego Research Leads to DualShock-Controlled Minibots

May 24, 2013

Worried it might lose younger block-buying customers to video games and computers, Lego has teamed up with Sony to bring the two closer together. PCWorld...

Samsung Puts Cash to Work on Research

May 15, 2013

Not content with its dominance in the gadget market, South Korea's Samsung Group is putting its deep pockets to use with a  research foundation...

The $30M Bet That Shapeways Becomes a Factory for Everyone

April 23, 2013

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz plays the investing game different from much of its VC cohort. Rather than scattering its money around a relatively large...

Microsoft Is Talking About the Future, A Lot

March 6, 2013

There are technology companies that won't say anything about the futuristic inventions they're tinkering with in their labs - Apple, for instance. Then there are...

Microsoft Debuts its New Concept of the Future

March 1, 2013

Microsoft opens its new Envisioning Center today, revamping its view of the future for home and office spaces, complete with a "third place" area...