Regional Dealers Provide State of the Industry

Bright spots include tablet sales, high-end housing starts, wireless speakers

“In the independent channel, it’s about our ability to help consumers understand the differences in wireless audio, from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, to content provision from the variety of sources in the home and to some degree, having multi-room audio involved with wireless technologies.”- Andy Kersey  

“No one understands what 4K is, even if you try to explain it. It isn’t easy to do.” Ed Robinette, electronics merchandising manager, Morris Home Furnishings, Fairborn, Ohio

“The upper end (of the market) is hot, and getting hotter. Our installation staffing this year versus last year is up 35 percent to be able to handle it.” Alan Guyes, principal, Audiotronics, Roanoke, Va.  

“A lot of accessories are doing very well, because they’re MAP so you’ve got the bigger margins there.” Albert Liniado, president, Datavision, New York, N.Y.