Audrey Gray

Audrey Gray
The Connected Camera

Anti-shake, red-eye reduction, smile and blink detection, on-board editing and panoramic stitching.

The Party’s On

These are the times when a Marilyn Monroe impersonator sauntering in front of a hot car can really do some good

Adding Services in Tough Times

Tension crackled through the ranks around this time last year when H&H Lifestyles owner Trey Brunson asked all of his employees to gather for a store-wide summit.

Contacts: Greg and Sibyle Hager, Owners of Tri-City Electronics (Charlotte, NC)

They've got Energy Star stickers on their showroom TVs, sustainability messaging in their e-mail blasts, and have even reserved a corner of their warehouse for recycled CE products, so you can't blame Greg and Sible Hager, owners of the Tri-City Electronics chain in North Carolina, for not at least trying to go green.  After all that effort, though, Mr. Hager would be happy if even one customer would take notice.

Green Initiatives Grow Sales and Profits

Summertime is considered another business opportunity for Western Appliance, especially as the sales and marketing teams find new ways to move higher-margin, energy efficient products with "green" messaging.

Maxed Out

Though it holds all the sex appeal of a frying pan, a terabyte may very well be the most romantic gift you could present to your dearest one this year, a year when many American consumers have finally reached the capacity limits of their home computer hard drives.

Shop Talk: Jeannette Howe, Specialty Electronics Nationwide

We've learned that the early adopters never finished early adopting. We have this perception that once we've done someone's home with a great system, they're done, but that's not true.  A first-generation plasma set is ripe to be replaced right now.

Shop Talk: Joe Calise, President of Sights-N-Sounds (Seaford, NY)

"You really have to go out of your way for people. Thats how we all started, and then some of us got arrogant and lost that service-based model, but you have to do it. You put in the long hours, the early mornings and late nights. If a client's TV isn't working at 8 p.m., you got to go. That's what makes your reputation."