Angela Titone

Angela Titone
Building the Home of the Future—Now

With new home technologies, you can have your blinds automatically open at your idea of daybreak (not the sun’s idea) or have a buzzer sound when your sump pump clicks, a thousand miles away, from  a smartphone.

Technology and Sports Change the CE Game

My brother visited about 10 years ago, plunked down in front of my television and got ready to watch a baseball game. After flipping through all of the channels, he said, “So you don’t subscribe to any sports channels?” Actually, I did, but I had removed sports stations from the remote. That’s how much I enjoy televised sports.

 CE Recycling Awareness On the Rise

My neighborhood discussion group often posts emails about CE products they want to sell, give away or recycle. The entire community seems duly concerned about not adding to the waste stream. One neighbor would not upgrade to a flat panel television (TV) until she could find a home for her 10-year-old analog set. “It's easy-to-use, has a large screen and free,” she said.
No problem; the TV, converter box and antenna were all snatched up in minutes. So I wasn’t surprised when CEA’s CE Recycling and Reuse 2012 Edition study found that nine in ten consumers believe it’s important to recycle their CE devices.

Staying Connected Throughout the House

When I was a teenager, I preferred using the basement bathroom, which we called “the boys bathroom” because my brothers had rigged up stereo speakers. You could listen to music while brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

Study Reflects Changing World of CE

Back in the late ‘90s, my father often missed taping some of my mother’s favorite television shows on their VCR because the videotape ran short. So my siblings and I bought my parents one of the first subscription-based DVRs. “It saved our marriage,” my mother often told me.

Electric Cars Now on the Consumer Dashboard

When I started in the CEA Library more than ten years ago, I saw myself as focusing on one industry, rather than the entire universe of news as I had on my previous job as a librarian at USA Today.

Well, it turns out here our research topics are just as varied -- and sometimes even more so. The consumer electronics market ceased being just about radio and TVs years ago. During the time I've been here, I've seen many categories added to our studies, including personal computers, digital radios, DVD players and the like.

And now CEA has just released the Electric Vehicles: The Future of Driving study (July 2010; online study) - broadening our research scope even more.