Brett Solomon

Brett Solomon
12V: Throwing the Power Switch

We might not get back to firing on all cylinders as soon as we'd like to – but we can get back to business while making our customers feel safe

Cooking COVID with Vehicle Tech

Ford recently announced the development of a sanitation software process that can decontaminate vehicles of the COVID-19 virus.

On the Clock with TikTok

One California-based dealer demonstrates how the social media platform TikTok can help car audio aftermarket retailers in their businesses

12V: Cadillac Got it Right

With technology and its new digital showroom concept, Cadillac proved how it is possible to bring the showroom to the customer

12v: Going ‘InCargnito’ – Privacy4Cars

The Privacy4Cars app, created by an expert in vehicle privacy and cybersecurity, was developed amidst growing industry frustration over how modern vehicles retain Personally Identifiable Information.

12V: Mobile Electronics Leaders’ Town Hall on COVID-19

A hosted discussion among industry members including store managers, owners and industry leaders encouraged industry leaders in those aftermarket categories to speak candidly about the challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus situation

12V: Return of the Nak

Nakamichi reentered the U.S. market last summer via a sales force of independent reps, and is offering dealers a mix of 12V products with a profit-minded marketing strategy.

The Coolest 2020 12V Tech

CES 2020 featured more vehicle technology than ever - including, but not limited to, the show-stopping Sony Vision-S concept car

12V: Changing of the Guard at IASCA

Travis Chin, whose career has been steeped in 12V competition, has taken the reins at IASCA, vowing to honor the organization's history while keeping it in step with the latest trends in mobile electronics

SEMA and the Competition Scene

Product introduction highlights from companies who exhibited at the recent SEMA show, held in Las Vegas and showcasing the most customized vehicles on earth