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Carl M
How to Increase Web Traffic

So you’ve taken the time, money and effort to build a beautiful, user-friendly website. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for people to visit the site and start doing business with you. Sounds easy, right? Not quite. But there are many creative ways to increase traffic to your website. Here are a few:

Advertising Essentials

Advertising, in the broadest sense, is anything that promotes your business, whether it's a radio spot, a brochure or a booth at a trade show. But most people think of it as paid commercial messages in newspapers and magazines, or on radio, television, the Internet, wireless devices or billboards. To be effective in your advertising,…

How To Benefit From Content Marketing

Content marketing encompasses all marketing formats involving the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential customer segments. It's based on the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information drives profitable consumer action. It is especially effective in retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty. With the social media…

The Eight-Step Marketing Program: Part 3

In my last column, I took you through steps four and five of the Almond Tree Marketing Eight-Step Marketing Program and wrote about formulating a marketing plan, branding and creating marketing collateral that supports your business. In this section we'll discuss public relations, advertising and direct mail. Step 6: Get the Word Out With PR…

The Eight-Step Marketing Program: Steps Four and Five

In my last column, I took you through the first three steps of Almond Tree Marketing’s Eight Step Marketing Program and wrote about how to create comprehensive marketing and branding plans. Here I’ll talk about steps four and five: the importance of having a website and implementing online marketing.

Step 4: Develop Your Website
The World Wide Web is such a huge part of our lives that if you’re serious about marketing your business today you must have an Internet presence. Your site also needs to be Web 2.0 compliant. You may think it’s unnecessary or too expensive an undertaking, and that traditional methods of marketing and promotion will suffice, but your website is an essential tool that should be used along with the other marketing tools at your disposal.

Template vs. Custom
In the early days of e-commerce, using a basic template to build your site was acceptable and enough to draw in prospective clients. Today, however, the average browser is savvy and can spot a template a mile away. Using templates is not a crime but the practice does reflect a lack of sophistication and creativity. Your site has to be an extension of your brand. It must be easy to find and to navigate.

How to Create a Marketing Program, Part One

It's no longer sufficient to rely on referral business alone. Implementing a marketing plan—with specific strategies—to support sales, can lead to greater success and prepare you and your company for future growth. Your marketing strategy supports your sales strategy, so it's imperative that you plan your marketing program first.

Reasons to Attend CEDIA Expo

Many people believe that attending and exhibiting at trade shows is not worth it because of financial considerations, the time spent away from work, the fatigue, etc...

12 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies

There are hundreds of cost effective or free online marketing strategies out there. Let's look at six conventional and six not-so-conventional marketing strategies

Delegate For Success

Outsource marketing strategies can help consumer electronics dealers facing budget cutbacks

Improve Your Internet Presence

The World Wide Web is such a huge part of our lives that if you're serious about marketing your business today, you must have an Internet presence leverages all that today's Web has to offer.