Ceo Of Copernio

Ceo Of Copernio
Finding the Next Big Thing

There's no reason to repeat all of the bad economic news we're already inundated with. What's worth discussing, though, is what lurks beneath the surface of all that gloom and doom. What you find are hints of potential and optimism.

In Retail, Fat and Slow Suffer Deepest Wounds

In any economic downturn, certain sectors will be hit harder than others. We've seen this numerous times in the United States as the farming, steel and aerospace sectors felt the weight of economic challenges. The same weight is now pushing down the retail sector.

Berghammer: Where’s the Spend?

What’s clear by now is that most taxpayers should have received their rebate checks, as part of the economic stimulus package. What’s not is what impact the rebates will have on retail. The general consensus is that consumers will either bank their checks or use them to pay for everyday essentials, like food, gas and credit payments. In the past, recipients of government refunds or rebates have shown little appetite to park those payments in a savings account. There’s little hard evidence to support claims that consumers have changed their habits. U.S. citizens have a long and lousy record in the personal

Product Placement Could Help Boost Brand

As we enter the opening months of 2008, many CE retailers and manufacturers are taking a hard look at their product promotion budgets. A larger part of that budget is being aimed at product placement on movies and television programs, something that in the past had been too difficult or expensive for all but the tier-one bands. But the broad product range needed by the movie and television industries has lured retailers such as Macy’s and manufacturers such as Plantronics with premium product placements in prominent films such as “Mission Impossible” and TV series such as “America’s Next Superhero.” What CE retailers and