Gary Yacoubian

Gary Yacoubian

Gary Yacoubian is CEO and president of SVS, a supplier and designer of high-performance audio products, and a CTA Audio Board member.

Brick & Mortar is Back, and It’s Better than Ever!

OK, now that I’ve gotten your attention, could this be more than mad raving? After all, by some estimates, there are 70 percent fewer CE storefronts than there were in 2007. In most cases, specialty retail has morphed into either pure integration or pure e-commerce, neither of which seems to need or to want a…

The Customer is King. Now What?

Gary Yacoubian dishes on the rise of the customer to pre-eminence in the consumer technology purchasing equation.

Selling Audio to the ‘Lost Generation’

I took my teen boys to see the new Avengers movie a couple of weeks ago, and it was great for a couple of reasons. Not only did it prove that I’m cool enough (barely) to hang out with in a dark theater; it also validated my belief that our younger generation is just as…

The Myth of the ‘Wife Acceptance Factor’

Not long ago, while binge-watching the recent season of Game of Thrones with my wife, Silvia, she turned to me and remarked on how much better the dragon scenes and overall sensory experience is when we’re streaming the show in our home theater. Not only was this validation and music to MY ears, but it…

Third-Party Reselling: The New Industry ‘Crack’

Over a beer not too long ago, an old friend and I were comparing thoughts about the demise of so many leading retailers over the past few years.  Circuit City, Tweeter, 6th Avenue, Harvey Electronics, Ken Crane’s, my old company MyerEmco, so many others.  What happened?  What was the cause?  Was it the Great Recession?…

Faking Authenticity

I often receive compliments on how well SVS connects with fans and customers on Facebook, Twitter and the forums, and the typical ensuing question is, “Who handles your social media?” My unexpected response:  “All of us!”

Rearranging the Deck Chairs on a Sinking Ship

When I started hearing talk in our industry a few years ago about renewed attention to better-than-CD-quality audio experiences, I was frankly thrilled and was certain that my colleagues at the many audio component, speaker, headphone, and pipeline companies would feel the same way.  In a world dominated by streaming of 128K compressed audio files, we all know the public needs to be shown that experiences better than that exist for them, or they will never aspire to own our products and systems.  What better way to do that than using an exciting emergent-technology platform to paint the picture of what’s possible?

The Lost Art of the Demo

As I write this, I’ve been back from International CES for a few days and I’m still incredibly energized from the experience and inspired by how innovation drives our industry. While much of my time was spent at our suites at the Venetian, I did get a chance to pretend I was an attendee and cruise exhibits at the LVCC and elsewhere, and while I was doing it, I thought about how we in the home entertainment part of the CE world paint pictures for our customers of the amazing experiences are products are capable of creating.