Gary Shapiro

Gary Shapiro
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Gary Shapiro's new book, "The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream," contends that America should return innovation to the heart of its economic policy. Billed as "a blueprint for America's success in the new century," the book will be available on and

Why did I write the book? I'm passionate and believe in this country and its greatness and want to preserve it. I can't stand to sit by passively while a great country is being destroyed.

Second, as a relatively new father... I look at my son, and I think 'My God, what kind of world he will inherit, and what have we done?'

The third is combined with what is best for the consumer electronics industry: the United States' need for a healthy economy. I have an economics degree, and almost anyone with an economics degree agrees with me: Our country is going the wrong direction.

TV Energy Regulations Will Harm Innovation

T he California Energy Commission late last month passed regulations to restrict energy used by TVs. The delayed vote came following a last-minute 91-page objection filed by the Consumer Electronics Association. "Green is good, but simply calling any onerous new regulatory proposal 'green' does not make it good for the environment or good for consumers,"…

CEA's Shapiro on International Guests

When President Obama presented Friday to the International Olympic Committee, the Pakistani representative asked him how the United States would make international visitors feel more welcomed

From CES President and CEO Gary Shapiro: 2007 International CES – The One Show that Independent Dealers and Installers Can’t Afford to Miss

As 2007 approaches, a buzz throughout the CE industry begins to build as retail professionals seek an advance look at the products and technologies that will take the industry by storm. So why is the International CES the one show each year that independent dealers and installers can’t afford to miss? Magic. For 40 years, CES enchants as the “magic 8 ball” for the CE industry. Predictions of ‘what’s hot in CE’ come to life. Dealers get one-stop access to the cool stuff their customers will demand. Survival. As markets move at record speed, survival means spotting the trends, the next big