Global Sources

Global Sources
Getting the Connection

Increased global demand for next-generation PCs and peripherals, TV receivers, home theater systems and A/V equipment is driving the rapid growth of the multimedia connectors industry in Greater China, according to Global Sources’ recently released report on multimedia connectors. By 2008, Greater China, which spans mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, is forecast to capture 35 percent of the world market for multimedia connectors. The industry is forecast to remain bullish with the influx of foreign companies into the region, and the increasing number of domestic connector makers diversifying into multimedia connector production. Based on data gathered by Global Sources from a survey

The DVD Chain

In a recent Global Sources survey of portable DVD player suppliers in Greater China, the aggregate average annual export volume of the region may reach at least 8.6 million units in 2006—more than half of the global supply of portable DVD players. The worldwide supply of portable DVD players is forecast to reach 13.46 million units in 2006. This report covers 27 companies: 19 from mainland China, four from Hong Kong and four from Taiwan. The increased acceptance from buyers, despite the challenge to portable DVD player market share posed by portable media players and notebook PCs, is driving the industry to new growth

Portable Player Push

The commoditization of portable media players (PMPs) is fast gaining momentum in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, where hundreds of manufacturers are in a flurry to develop products to rival Apple’s video iPod. Makers in the region are already responsible for manufacturing in part or in full many of the PMPs bearing well-known brands in the market. Many others have released prototypes and working models, and are eager to accept OEM orders and carry out mass production. In a recent Global Sources survey of 36 companies in Greater China and South Korea, total shipment is expected to reach 4.9 million units